Displace International
Company Name Displace International
Headquarters Hantz Center Tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York
Business Private Military Corporation
Known Personnel Douglas Shetland (KIA) (CEO and Founder)
Milan Nedich (Director of VIP Protection Detail) (KIA)
Succeeded By Black Arrow


Active 2003 - 2007
Appearances PT - CT - E

Displace International was a private military corporation founded and headed by Douglas Shetland. It was funded by the U.S. government and are hired by many outside governments who are unable to provide their own military or who cannot use their own military.


Displace International was founded on January 3, 2003 by Douglas Shetland following his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. He funded the formation of the company by using the $700,000 awarded to him by the military as compensation for his wrongful conviction for a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. In time, Shetland was able to establish Displace as a legitimate and competent PMC in the United States, with his business venture expanding worldwide around a large network of hired hands and mercenary forces. Shetland soon acquired contracts with the Pentagon and established Displace's offices at the Hantz Center in Midtown Manhattan. By 2007, Displace became the first PMC to make the Fortune 500.


2006: Crisis in IndonesiaEdit

Displace helped Third Echelon in achieving its goals while trying to learn about the intentions of Indonesian guerrilla fighter Suhadi Sadono, the leader of the Darah Dan Doa (Blood & Prayer). They went so far as to have a military presence in East Timor in tracking down Sadono. Douglas Shetland headed the operations in Indonesia in securing Sadono.

During the Darah Dan Doa's assault on the U.S. Embassy in Dili, Sadono captured Shetland, who was attempting to transfer vital intelligence on Indonesia's activities within East Timor, as well as potential plans for a strike against a possible intervention by the U.S. Shetland was brutally tortured as the guerrillas attempted to interrogate him on the intelligence, but were stopped by Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher before they could acquire the data. Shetland forwarded the data to Third Echelon through Fisher, who had the data encrypted and used it to further investigate Sadono's activities. Shetland was later rescued by Delta Force operators.

In the weeks that followed, Fisher was ordered to infiltrate the Darah Dan Doa's campsite in Kundang. Shetland ordered Displace to assist in the operation. Shetland provided tactical support for Fisher by stationing a dozen amount of hidden snipers around the campsite. These snipers proved pivotal in Fisher's escape from Sadono's office when he was cornered by guerrilla forces at the extraction point.

2007: Cyber Attacks/Cyber Crisis in East AsiaEdit

During the crisis in East Asia in 2007, Displace's VIP Protection branch was charged with protecting American computer analyst Bruce Morgenholt, who had an extensive knowledge on the Masse Kernels, which were used to engineer the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004. Morgenholt was later kidnapped by mercenaries aligned with "The People's Voice", a pro-communist guerrilla organization in Peru. Sam Fisher was contracted to rescue Morgenholt and retrieve the Masse Kernels before they were forwarded to America's enemies. The mission failed as Morgenholt was tortured to death and the Kernels were sent to unknown sources engineering the crisis in Asia.

The investigation soon led Third Echelon to Abrahim Zherkezhi, a computer analyst who also studied the Masse Kernels alongside Morgenholt. Fearing that Zherkezhi had aligned himself with the conspirators in Asia, Third Echelon tracked him to his penthouse in New York City. It was during this time that it was discovered that Zherkezhi was under the protection of Displace, indicating that the company was somehow involved in the unfolding crisis.

Displace was discovered as the major instigator of the ensuing war during the attack of the USS Clarence E. Walsh and the blackouts in New York City and Japan. Displace had been using Zherkezhi to launch information warfare attacks against Japan and the U.S. and painted China and North Korea as the aggressors as a means to encourage the outbreak of World War III. Fisher was sent to Hokkaido, Japan, to capture Zherkezhi at Displace's safehouse for questioning, as well as kill VIP Protection Director Milan Nedich, who was suspected of heading the conspiracy. It was later discovered that CEO Douglas Shetland was the true mastermind of the conspiracy, and Fisher watched as Shetland brutally murdered Zherkezhi to ensure he didn't talk. Shetland then disappeared as the war in East Asia broke out across the Korean Peninsula.

Shetland 2007

Doug's Displace card.

During their investigation of the sinking of the USS Walsh, Third Echelon discovered that the IW attack originated in Japan, and that Displace may have been working in conjunction with another source. Echelon successfully tracked Shetland in Tokyo, where Fisher was deployed to identify Shetland's partners and if possible, kill Shetland himself.

Third Echelon was later forced to kill Shetland after Fisher uncovered the plot "Chaos Theory", and that the Information Self-Defense Force was also involved in the conspiracy. It was discovered that Displace had intended to profiteer off of the growing conflict with the assistance of the I-SDF. Through global warfare, Displace's influence as a PMC would expand greatly as it increased its involvement on the battlefield. In return, it would provide the I-SDF and its nationalistic staff with the means to hold the Japanese government hostage and force them to re-militarize Japan. During this meeting, negotiations broke down between the two conspirators and fearing betrayal, turned their guns on each other and triggered a massive firefight throughout the bathhouse. Fisher pursued Shetland and fought his way past Displace and I-SDF forces in order to end the conspiracy for good.

After a tense standoff with Shetland at the bathhouse, Fisher killed his former friend. With Shetland's death, Displace found itself at the mercy of the American authorities and backed off, effectively ending its role in the conspiracy.

2007: Buyout Edit

After the war was resolved peacefully with the naming of the conspirators, Displace International was recognized as a clear threat to world peace and its operational ability was completely crippled. Following the events of 2007, Displace International and its assets were reformed under the guise of a private military company called Black Arrow, which was managed by an American businessman named Lucius Galliard. Black Arrow played a major role in the events of the Third Echelon Conspiracy, but it was also beaten into submission, removing the final traces of the former Displace International.


  • The following is a list of weaponry used by Displace International members throughout the course of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory:
    • Heckler & Koch UMP-9 submachine gun (Seen being wielded by Displace mercenaries in Zherkeizi's penthouse)
    • Heckler & Koch G36-C carbine (Seen being wielded by Displace Merenaries in Zherkeizi's penhouse, as well as the Displace commandos seen in the Bathhouse mission)
    • Heckler & Koch G36-K rifle (Seen being wielded by most of Displace mercenaries in their HQ)
    • Heckler & Koch MP7-A1 Personal Defense Weapon (This weapon is used by Douglas Shetland to kill Kaneda in the Bathhouse mission and appears to be used by Displace mercenaries as a standard sidearm, functioning as a pistol.)
  • The quotes used by Displace guards is later used by JBA guards in Double Agent version 1.

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