Were you looking for the U.S. Embassy to East Dili, the setting this level takes place?

"I'm telling you, I didn't hear anything... just 'Pandora Tomorrow'... and a lot of gibberish."
― American embassy prisoner to Suhadi Sadono.

Dili, Timor is the first solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to infiltrate the U.S. Embassy to East Timor, rescue Douglas Shetland, and recover any valuable information the Darah Dan Doa may be looking for. This also acts as a training level for the player, teaching them the basics and the controls.


18:27 to 19:34 Hours - Recover/destroy security intelligence.

Private military corporation C.E.O. Douglas Shetland is trapped inside the embassy, in possession of intelligence that cannot be allowed into enemy hands.

19:34 to 20:12 Hours - Infiltrate the Embassy.

The 'Darah Dan Doa', an Indonesian Guerilla group led by Suhadi Sadono, has invaded the U.S. Embassy to Dili to retaliate for the installation of a U.S. military base in East Timor.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the embassy.
  • Locate and question Douglas Shetland.
  • Locate Ingrid Karlthson and give her the mortified_penguin email for translation.
  • Take out the spotlights in the village so the Osprey can pick you up.

Notes Edit

  • Hand-to-hand and drop attacks are considered non-lethal.
  • Use the Left Stick to select an item. To use the item, press (action) button.
  • To avoid being surprised, use the optic cable to check a room before entering it.
  • You will also perform a Quiet Landing if you drop from a height while crouched.
  • The SWAT Turn is a highly trained Special Forces movement that makes you almost invisible.

Data Edit

Main article: Data/US Embassy

Mission OverviewEdit


Fisher arrives to the fishing village and makes his way to the US Embassy.

Third Echelon operations coordinator Irving Lambert tells Fisher that the situation inside the Embassy is largely unknown, so lethal force is not authorized until they learn more about the situation. Fisher begins the mission in a small fishing village near the U.S. Embassy to East Timor. He makes his way through the docks, houses and fences that line the path to the Embassy. The houses are largely empty, however, Fisher does encounter one of the members from the Dara Dan Doa guarding an alleyway not far from the embassy. He moves through the buildings and finally makes it to the outside walls of the embassy and moves through the river. He eventually gets to the Embassy walls and climbs over them, traveling up to the second floor using the scaffolding set up on the side.


Fisher rescues Douglas Shetland from the interrogation from the Dara Dan Doa member.

Suddenly, Lambert tells Fisher to stop, explaining Sadono was in his immediate location questioning one of the US hostages. Sadono asked the hostage what he heard, to which the hostage insists that he heard nothing - just "Pandora Tomorrow" and a lot of gibberish. Sadono tells him to give him his bonds, and the hostage thanks him; Sadono then took out his pistol and shot and killed the hostage. After Sadono left, Fisher continued on until he found Douglas Shetland in his office being interrogated by a Dara Dan Doa militant.


Sam Fisher sneaks into the US Embassy.

Fisher neutralized the militant and talked to Shetland, who gave Fisher the critical information he was sent in to retrieve. It was a data stick containing an encrypted email, the body of the text appeared to be in some form of Indonesian dialect called Timorese Mambai that Third Echelon couldn't decypher. The sender's alias, however, is revealed to be mortified_penguin, Sadono's mysterious accomplice. In order to translate the information, Sam is then ordered to meet up with a CIA agent Ingrid Karlthson, one of the US hostages that was moved by Sadono to a separate area in the embassy.


Fisher talks to Karlthson.

Upon getting to the courtyard, Karlthson signaled from her room with a flashlight, letting Fisher know where she's located. Lambert notified Fisher that there was a sniper wearing night vision goggles overlooking the courtyard, meaning the approach will be difficult. Lambert tells Fisher that there are two spotlights overlooking the courtyard that were never shut off after the attack; Fisher used the cover of the spotlights, which obstructed the sniper's vision, to get across the courtyard.

Fisher was able to infiltrate the room Karlthson was in and talked with her, asking her to interpret the email message, as it was written in a specific dialect known as Timorese Mambae. The information indicated a terrorist operation taking place in Paris, France in a place called at a Cryogenics facility. Fisher departed the Embassy, after confirming with Ingrid that she would be safe if left to fend for herself. Lambert then informed Fisher that he had the Fifth Freedom as Sam needs to leave the Embassy before Delta operators come in to secure the Embassy. Sam then moved through the small village area, disabling detection lights contained in the dock area so that he can safely rendezvous with the Osprey for extraction.

Transcript Edit

Debriefing Edit

Intelligence recovered from Shetland's palmtop revealed links between a possible enemy agent known only by the email alias 'mortified_penguin' and Saulnier Laboratories, a cryogenics research lab in Paris.


Version 1 (Xbox/PC/PS3)Edit

  • Before the cutscene, Sam learns to be released from handcuffs at the headquarters of the third echelon.
  • The mission is divided into 2 parts. In the second part after talking with Ingrid, Sam can go back and kill everyone. Also there are no alarms stage here at second part.
  • There are three 5.72 ammo bullet box: first is on the boxes in front of the fence, near the first Sadono guerrilla, second is in satchel from guerrilla who interrogates Shetland, third is on the first floor in the house with Ingrid Karlthson.
  • During the infiltration section through the fishing village land mines are visible using thermal vision mode. In Xbox/PC Version Sam can shoot and destroyed the mines, but in PS2 version Sam can only get around of them.
    • The PS2 version has Grímsdóttir tell Sam to activate thermal to spot the mines, while other versions have Hint Boxes tell you.
  • Of the surviving hostages is only two guys in costumes.
  • There are two Automatic Turrets located on opposite sides of the courtyard, these could be turrets brought in by the Darah Dan Doa but it's possible they may have already been in the embassy.
  • Total guerrillas (without Suhadi Sadono): 13.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube)Edit

  • The mission is divided into 4 parts. At the passage of each of the part, Sam can not return back. Also there are three alarms stage here in third and fourth parts.
  • There are four 5.72 ammo bullet box: first is on the boxes in front of the fence, near the first Sadono guerrilla, second is on the table next to the TV, third is on the table near Shetland, and the fourth in satchel from guerrilla who interrogates Shetland.
  • It is not known why so many ammunition is located at level because it is forbidden to fire. Even if destroy all the lights and objects, there will be at least 13 unused bullets at the end of third part of level.
  • Anna asks Sam to stun a guard who is watching TV. In Xbox/PC Version there is no TV, no bullet box and no guard.
  • Of the surviving hostages is only civil black woman.
  • There is no possibility to open the doors from the Shetland's side and go into the hostage room, also in the next room to them doors closed.
  • Shetland has a satchel, but there is no way how to get it. It is unknown that in the satchel.
  • There are two Automatic Turrets located only on left side of the courtyard (they also can used to kill body).
  • Ingrid laptop can not be used.
  • There is an addition guard at the end of the level.
  • Independent of the disable of searchlights the Osprey will soar in the sky.
  • Total guerrillas (without Suhadi Sadono): 15.


  • 📌 Part 1 – 18:27 Hours
  • 💡 12 lights, -12 bullets.
  • 🍶 2 jars, -2 bullets.
  • 🍳 1 coffee machine, 1 microwave oven; -2 bullets.
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 2-step lock on the second door.
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on the boxes in front of the fence, near the first Sadono guerrilla).
  • 💣 2x6 laser mines.
  • 👦 Number of stunned: 1.
  • 📌 Part 2 – 18:43 Hours
  • 💡 9 lights, 1 broken light; -10 bullets.
  • 📺 1 TV Set, -1 bullet.
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on the table next to the TV).
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 3-step lock on the door in front of the interrogated.
  • 👦 Number of stunned: 4.
  • 🗣 Number of interrogated: 1 (Valim).
  • 📌 Part 3 – 19:34 Hours
  • 💡 15 lights, -15 bullets.
  • 🍼 1 cooler, -2 bullets.
  • 🔫 +1 5.72mm ammo (on the table near Shetland), +1 satchel (5.72 mm ammo from guerrilla who interrogates Shetland). Unused bullets: 16.
  • 🔑 Hacking: A 3-step lock in the toilet.
  • 💊 2 Medical Kits (at the toilet and in the room on the first floor).
  • 🍷 1 bottle, -3 bullets (on the first floor next to the stairs).
  • 💀 Number of killed civilians by Sadono: 1 (but statistics shows that 2).
  • 👦 Number of stunned (with Kim who interrogate Shetland): 6. Civilians: 1.
  • 📌 Part 4 – 19:52 Hours
  • 🔫 2 Automated Turrets (on left side of the courtyard, deactivated by Sam).
  • 💊 1 Medical Kit (in the house on the first floor).
  • 👦 Number of stunned or dead: 4. Civilians: Ingrid Karlthson.
  • 🏁 Best results of the level: Alarms – 0. The number of bullets fired from the pistol is 47.


  • In the very beginning while picking the handcuffs, the player can whistle.
  • In the opening sequence, it shows Suhadi Sadono and his men attacking the embassy by crashing a truck filled with TNT into the front of the entrance while Douglas Shetland is typing on his laptop. Strangely, the room he is held in looks like the room he was typing on the computer in from the cutscene, but he is later in the front room area one floor down once the truck hits the building.
  • Additionally, from the cutscene, it implies there were cameras set up in the room but no cameras are found when the player infiltrates the embassy.
  • At the start of the mission, the player can run around the shallow water area (not progressing through the mission), and this will trigger a humorous conversation between Lambert and Fisher.
  • If the player shoots and kills Sadono during his first appearance, Lambert yells, "What are you doing?!" To which Fisher replies with, "I killed the bad guy." Lambert explains that this is not how things work and aborts the mission, failing the level. Also when Sam stunning Shetland Lambert will say the same thing.
  • If the player uses the binocular and looks out the window by the bathroom that overlooks the courtyard, you can see Ingrid and the sniper in a T-pose.
  • Both of the hostages left alive have identical name badges with the first name being Ken.
  • When Lambert told Fisher that a guard was overlooking the courtyard, he said that his night vision goggles, "should be blinding to night vision." Fisher, surprised, asked Lambert if he was actually serious. This is ironic to Fisher, of course, considering the emphasis in the series about staying in the darkness.
    • Despite Lambert saying that the sniper overlooking the courtyard is wearing night vision goggles, the goggles are not actually covering his eyes, but pushed up on his forehead. He will still act like he's acting the night vision goggles, however.
  • The Darah Dan Doa soldier interrogating Shetland will repeat the same lines and continue interrogating him until the player intervenes. The two doors in the room remain locked (giving the player the notification that they're 'jammed') until the player rescues and speaks to Shetland.
  • When Fisher rescues Shetland, they engage in a conversation, all the while Shetland is guessing what American agency/branch Fisher is currently with. When Shetland guesses CIA, Fisher replies, "No, staying anonymous" (the acronyms of the phrase is "NSA").
  • Unsurprisingly, there are multiple maps of Indonesia spread throughout the level, with Darah Dan Doa soldiers observing one on the lower floor of the U.S. Embassy.
  • This level was one of the levels featured as the released screenshots when the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy was announced, with Fisher performing the hand-over-hand action.
  • The code name "Mortified Penguin" is a possible reference to the code names from the Metal Gear Solid series organization FOXHOUND, where code names and titles such as "Solid Snake" and "Gray Fox" are common in the series.


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