"The D50 is a high caliber, unsuppressed pistol, with massive stopping power. "
― in-game description

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol originally designed by both American company Magnum Research and Israel Military Industries.


The Desert Eagle is a large-framed, gas-operated semi-automatic pistol that roughly weighs around 4 lbs and was designed by Magnum Research and IMI (Israel Military Industries). The designs date back as early as 1985, and the Desert Eagle appears in a couple variants. The Desert Eagle can use a number of different cartridges, from .50 AE to .357 Magnum cartridges.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Edit

The Desert Eagle is Douglas Shetland's side arm in the bathhouse level. His pistol is modeled after the Mark XIX, the most recent Desert Eagle variant, that features rails on the barrel for mounting optics. The Desert Eagle used by NPC is pretty potent. [1]

Splinter Cell: Double Agent Edit

A Desert Eagle can be seen in Carson Moss' holster, you can see it clearly in JBA and Shanghai mission. Also, several hostile guards use a Desert Eagle pistol, most notably during the Iceland level.[2]

Splinter Cell: Conviction Edit

The Desert Eagle is a pistol available for use by the player with two marks and a magazine capacity of seven rounds. It is the most powerful pistol in the game and is commonly carried by enemies in the early Malta missions. Its enormous power comes at a price, however. The Desert Eagle is unable to accept a suppressor upgrade; it's very loud when firing, and it has extreme recoil for a pistol, thus the gun will be inaccurate after the third rapid shot or using it beyond mid-range. The magazine capacity is the smallest among pistols, but it's high damage, reasonable number of marks (three with a reflex sight) and good range (with the match grade ammo upgrade it has the longest range of any pistol) still make the Desert Eagle a useful weapon. The Desert Eagle in Conviction is modeled after the Mark I[3], the very first variant from the early '90s. While interrogating Kobin in Kobin's Mansion, Sam will automatically equip a Desert Eagle, no matter what pistol you previously equipped.

Below are the current upgrades available for the Desert Eagle in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction:

Upgrade P.E.C. Points
Laser Sight 250 points
Reflex Sight 400 points
Match Grade Ammo 250 points

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Edit

Referred to as the D50, probably the .50 Action Express variant of the Desert Eagle, used by most enemies with shield. But also used by several hostile NPCs. The D50 is the second black market pistol in game, its inability to accept silencer makes it only suitable for Assault-style players. In multiplayer game however, the player has the option of suppress the D50 and it is the only Merc sidearm in SvM Classic.


  • The Desert Eagle is not a practical sidearm in real life, unless the user is highly trained. However, it's popular in video games and films alike today.
  • The Desert Eagle made a minor appearance in Splinter Cell: Essentials. Used by workers in New York mission and Carson Moss also carries one.

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