Data Stick 1Edit

From: Malfin Mendes
To: Adi Bawantara
Sent: 16/04/2006  17:13
Subject: RE: assistance

Sadono can't be everywhere at once.

Komodo's important but that's exactly why we can't send him to you since we need him where there's lots of cameras watching and we need to keep your work secret.

It is the way we create the APPEARANCE that he is everywhere that is infinitely more valuable.

Data Stick 2 Edit

From: goodbye_cat
To: Billy Mourakade
Sent: 01/04/2006  21:09
Subject: expect the call

The last insurance policy is active. U.S. PMC in place. Sadono can add it to his roster of PT phone calls.

Intel 1 (Agency File: SISSIXS) Edit

SUBJECT- Agency File on the SISSIXS
UPLOADED- 18/04/06; 05:49:10
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

"The Special Intelligence Satellite Submarine Information Exchange System (SISSIXS) is an over-the-horizon targeting (OTH-T) communications system developed to compliment low frequency links. Unlike General Service SSIXS, this system provides complete privacy to any number of users by utilizing unique ID numbers. All communication are transmitted by squirt broadcast, allowing multiple subscribers to share satellite resources. An SISSIXS network can spread itself over any number of satellites." Quoted from the manual. "Squirt broadcast," she makes me laugh.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 2 (Beta) Edit

SUBJECT- Agency File on Baldanders Corporate Digital Security
UPLOADED- 18/04/06; 05:24:01
SOURCE- Grimsdottir

Baldanders is an Indian company based in Kolkata ("Calcutta" for the tourists.) Established their reputation by developing the patches that cleaned up the "Reverse Onion" Masse Algorithms that we're left floating around after the Georgian unpleasantness. Been a remarkably profitable company despite the last decade's technology business slump, largely by servicing China's continuing boom. They've perfected an "on-site" digital security package, a team of a half-to-four dozen geeks arriving anywhere in the world with as much equipment and programming know-how as anybody could want.
(Author: Grimsdottir)

Intel 3 (Beta) Edit

SUBJECT- Case File on Peter Singh
UPLOADED- 18/04/06; 05:44:57
SOURCE- Grimsdottir
FULL NAME- Peter Roa Chandrakumar Singh
DOB- 28/2/77
HEIGHT- 5'9"
WEIGHT- 160 lbs.
HAIR- Black
EYES- Brown
AREA OF OPERATION- Highly Mobile, based in Calcutta
ASSOCIATIONS- Baldanders Digital Security


Enters the employment of Baldanders Digital Security

Receives degree in Military Electronic Systems Analysis from Akhtar C.S.U. in New Delhi.

After spending most of his life as a hapless bystander, it looks like Komodo gave Mr. Singh the opportunity to try his hand at being a full fledged victim. We can assume the DDD is using the poor geek for his technological skills. From his records, it looks like Peter is very good at his job. (Author: Grimsdottir)

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