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Darah Dan Doa
Darah Dan Doa insignia
Group Name Darah Dan Doa ("Blood and Prayer")
Location Indonesia
Business Terrorism, Guerrilla Warfare
Known Personnel Suhadi Sadono (leader)
Norman Soth
Active 1993 – 2006
Appearances PT

The Darah Dan Doa (DDD) (means "Blood and Prayer") were a radical Indonesian terrorist organization featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. They were led by Indonesian nationalist Suhadi Sadono.


The Darah Dan Doa were a radical Indonesian guerrilla group. Their main objective was to stir an uprising among Indonesia to get rid of the American presence in East Timor, which Indonesia claims as part of its territory.

The Darah Dan Doa was founded in the 1990s as part of the CIA's efforts to train anti-communist guerrillas in Indonesia during Operation REDBEARD. Suhadi Sadono was among the many guerrillas trained, and rose through the ranks of the Darah Dan Doa through his aggressive stance against Indonesia's enemies and nationalist ideals. In time, however, the U.S. abandoned its Indonesian allies after growing discontent with the radical ideals of the various groups they trained, and instead supported the independence movement in East Timor. Outraged at this lack of loyalty, the Darah Dan Doa began waging its own campaign against the Western World, eventually falling under the leadership of Suhadi Sadono. Sadono's charismatic leadership emboldened the Darah Dan Doa and the recruitment of new guerrillas swelled. By 2006, the Darah Dan Doa's total manpower numbered in the thousands.

It is also known that the Darah Dan Doa maintained strong connections in the infamous Golden Triangle heroin trade in Southeast Asia.

A Darah Dan Doa member

2006: Indonesian Crisis[]

In the years following the U.S. pullout, Suhadi Sadono trained many of his people in the Darah Dan Doa to root out Americans and eliminate their presence in Indonesia and East Timor. When the U.S. announced plans to establish a military presence in the newly-independent country, Sadono decided it was time to strike back. Suhadi staged an assault on the U.S. Embassy to Dili in East Timor and took numerous hostages, several of whom were later executed. Among them was Displace International CEO Douglas Shetland, who Sam Fisher rescued. Sadono escaped the Embassy as Delta Force went in to rescue the hostages and retake the Embassy.

The Darah Dan Doa continued its efforts in Indonesia as it declared war upon the remaining Americans on Indonesian soil, prompting a buildup of American military forces in Indonesia to counter the guerrillas. To weaken the resolve of the America people, the Darah Dan Doa planned a major terrorist attack on the U.S.. Sadono commissioned former CIA agent Norman Soth, who had his own personal anti-U.S. agenda, to acquire strains of the smallpox virus for use against the U.S. This was part of a contingency plan that would allow him to fight on the front lines of the conflict, free from fear of being killed. Soth acquired the strain and the storage devices required, as well as facilitating the Darah Dan Doa's contacts to plant the devices all across the U.S.

To emphasize their threat, Sadono had one of the devices set off in Springfield, Texas, which became the so-called "Springfield Demonstration". Facing infection from smallpox, the U.S. government had the entire town vaccinated, resulting in the deaths of several citizens due to their poor reaction to the vaccine. Sadono held the nation hostage through his insurance policy, codenamed "Pandora Tomorrow". He would make secure phone calls to his accomplices on a daily basis. If he missed a call, it meant he was killed or captured, resulting in the virus being released nationwide.

To make matters worse, the Darah Dan Doa inflicted heavy casualties on the Americans across Indonesia, with many Americans dying in skirmishes in Palembang and other parts of the country. The Americans pulled back and American discontent with the war grew substantially as support for the revolutionary and his ideals began to grow.

In an attempt to sabotage Sadono's plans, Third Echelon hit several Darah Dan Doa outposts across Indonesia in the search for intelligence that would reveal the location of the smallpox virus in the U.S. One such outpost was the Darah Dan Doa's campsite in Kundang, where Fisher attempts to trace Sadono's calls. Fisher then moved on to the Darah Dan Doa's submarine base on the island of Komodo, where he infiltrated the enemy submarine and discovered the location of at least five "pox boxes" in the United States. Having discovered the location of the virus, The NSA and the CIA took immediate action to neutralize the threat posed by Sadono.

In the week following the discovery of the pox boxes, Shadownet agents tracked down the devices and swiftly destroyed them, neutralizing the smallpox infection. To make matters worse, the U.S. Navy struck the Darah Dan Doa's camp in Kundang with a missile strike, demolishing much of the campsite. With his insurance policy in ruins, Sadono was vulnerable, allowing the NSA to conduct an operation to capture him.

Final stand[]

Desperate to continue their campaign against the U.S., the Darah Dan Doa seized control of a TV station in Jakarta, where Sadono was to tape his latest propaganda video against the U.S. Meanwhile, one pox box was left unaccounted for. With Sadono open to attack, Sam Fisher infiltrated the TV station and fought past the Darah Dan Doa's forces, killing many guerrillas. After meeting up with CIA undercover agent Ingrid Karlthson, Sam tracked down Suhadi, killed his bodyguards, and took him as a prisoner of war. The NSA then handed Sadono over to the authorities, who would have Sadono tried before the United Nations as a war criminal.

Meanwhile, the last active pox box was acquired by Norman Soth, who planned to enact his revenge against the U.S. by unleashing the smallpox virus at the LAX Airport in California. This plot failed when Fisher killed Soth and turned in the bomb to the LAPD bomb squad, who destroyed the bomb and neutralized the final remnants of "Pandora Tomorrow".

With the loss of their leader and their means of openly combating the United States thwarted, the Darah Dan Doa suspended their campaign against the U.S. and retreated from East Timor. Sadono's capture effectively ended the crisis in Indonesia and the group disbanded.

2012: Blacklist Attacks[]

During the Blacklist events, Fourth Echelon tracked a former DDD operative who used money offered by the engineers to regroup the whole rebel party. CIA suspected that they would try to redo the same attack at the American Embassy in Dili, Timor, which was proven truth after the initial occurred there. The embassy was cleared out yet one file was taken with the name ACHEEN BIN HIR who is a terrorist strongman in Aceh. Echelon popped a mole into his encampment in southeast of Kuta Alam. The only thing he found out was preparations for a "Birthday Party" which was a codename for an attack. Unfortunately the only person with intel was the DDD operative who got arrested by locals after a bar fight. Fourth Echelon decided to liberate the operative than wait and took the information, thus stopping the regroup of the DDD.

Known Members[]