The cruise ship (the Georgia Lee) is a ship off the coast of Cozmuel, Mexico. It is the site of an attack caused by an American terrorist organization called John Brown's Army.

Placing the bomb Version 1Edit

Sam Fisher is in his room talking with Irving Lambert and, after the talk, Sam climbs on the outside walls into the casino. There, he places a smoke bomb in the ventilation and makes his way to the bar. There, he slips through the bar into the elevator. Enrica Villablanca tells him to hide as a patrol is coming. He does so and when the guard leaves Fisher slips through the pool deck, into and through the sauna and into the vents. Enrica then informs Fisher that he will have to place the bomb in the bow of the ship instead of the navigation room because patrols are searching the ship from top to bottom. Sam slips through navigation down a zipline to the bow of the ship. There, he places the bomb in the engine room, hacks it and jumps off the ship into the sea.

Placing the bomb Version 2Edit

After robbing the train, Fisher makes his way onto a cruise ship, sneaks through the halls of the ship, past security and obtains the manifest to ID the victims. Next, Sam meets Enrica at the communications tower, helps her set the relay and helps her over a gate so she can reach the comm room. Fisher then heads for the elevator and takes it down to the lower levels where makes his way to the engine room and disables the engines, deletes the camera records and recovers the bomb from the escape boat. Fisher meets Enrica in the engine room and gives her the bomb, but she drops her cell phone and Sam gets it. Sam can then upload the error and stop the bomb from exploding or cancel and let the bomb explode. The two then escape by the escape boat.


  • The cruise ship is a level seen in both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The player has the option of letting the bomb explode or disabling it.
  • Destroying the cruise ship or not is the first major choices in the version 1 of Double Agent, that will affect the ending.
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