The Crossbow (and also the Tactical Crossbow) is a non-lethal pistol crossbow used by Fourth Echelon operatives during the Blacklist Attacks of 2012. The Crossbow uses a variety of less-than-lethal bolts and ammunition for use in covert operations and stealth missions.

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The Crossbow is a hand-held pistol crossbow that is specially designed to use various types of non-lethal bolt types. Similar to the previous launcher attachment of the SC-20K M.A.W.S. used by Third Echelon Splinter Cell operatives, the Crossbow is able to accept non-lethal bolts used to knockout hostiles. The bolt types typically detonate on impact, or will detonate/trigger shortly after it hits the surface of something in the environment. The Crossbow is able to hold three bolts and can be swapped out with other types of bolts as well. At the most, the user can hold 4 types of bolts, with up to 12 bolts for each type.

As mentioned before, the SC-20K M.A.W.S. launcher attachment works very similar to the Crossbow: both are able to launch a series of non-lethal gadgets wherever the user points the weapon. There are some differences, however. For one, the SC-20K, in the previous Splinter Cell games, could launch all of the gadgets in the user's inventory without needed to load in more. The Crossbow, however, only holds 3 bolts per 'magazine' before it must be reloaded. The biggest difference is that the SC-20K can fire it's 5.56×45mm NATO rounds and non-lethal gadgets at will, providing both lethality and non-lethal means. The Crossbow, however, is only used as a strictly non-lethal weapon (just like the Stun Gun).

The Crossbow comes in two versions: The standard version (simpy referred to as the 'Crossbow') and another version called the Tactical Crossbow. The Tactical Crossbow, unlike the regular Crossbow, is restricted to only using Sleeping Gas and Sticky Shocker bolts for the user. It's aesthetically different as well, with the Tactical Crossbow being a light camouflage pattern.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Edit

The Crossbow can be used with these types of ammunition/bolt types:

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  • A Tactical Crossbow was available for free with a Gamestop pre-order for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and came with the Sleeping Gas bolts as the only upgrade.
  • The exact type or 4E name/classification of crossbow is never actually revealed, through Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the Crossbow is simply named and titles as such.
  • Sam Fisher carried the Crossbow during the mission to Peru to find Igor Kasperov in Blacklist Aftermath.
  • If aimed at the target's head, both the Noisemaker and EMP Chaff bolts can be used to knock enemies out, while otherwise neither of these bolt types are able to do this.
  • In multiplayer, the Spy's Crossbow only shoots sticky shockers that temporarily stun Mercenaries, letting the Spy move in for an easier kill or flee the immediate area.
    • In spies Vs Mercs classic, the spies have the crossbow as their secondary weapon. In Blacklist it is optional as non-lethal.

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