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This article is for Cole Yeagher, a member of the JBA in Version 2 of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. For the helicopter pilot and hostage in Version 1, see Cole Yeager.

Cole Yeagher was a member of John Brown's Army, but Emile Dufraisne thought he was trying to take over the organization. If Sam chooses send information on Yeagher's traitorous activities to Emile, then Carson Moss kills him and Third Echelon finds his body three days later with two shots to the head. If Sam chooses to send the information to Lambert, Yeagher is extracted from the JBA by Lambert and put into custody. 


Cole Yeagher is just about the most ordinary member of the JBA. He's not exceptional at any skill, but he can fix things competently. He's not a great friend to anyone, but he can get along with anyone most of the time. Normal guys like Cole are good to have around, usually, but they sometimes make costly mistakes.[1]


Trained as a helicopter pilot, support technician to Sykes. Got approached by the FBI while running an errand, cut a deal with them. When his information led to Jamie getting arrested, Emile started a private investigation. Emile found Yeagher out and fed him some bogus info, but when Jamie came back Emile didn't need Yeagher any more. Now only Sykes is allowed to run errands for the compound.


  • (Xbox version) His fingerprints can be scanned in the "JBA HQ Part One" mission, his prints being on a can on a sink.


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