SCC 3E Classified

The "Classified" uniform, as worn by Archer.

"Rumored to have been the attire of one of Third Echelon's most feared and revered field operatives."
― In-game description
Classified is a type of uniform available in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction that can be worn by both Splinter Cell agent Archer and Voron operative Kestrel during the Deniable Ops mode. The uniform itself is based on the casual attire that ex-Splinter Cell Sam Fisher wears during the solo campaign of Splinter Cell: Conviction.


The uniform itself is based on Sam Fisher's clothing during the campaign of Splinter Cell: Conviction, but slight differences are made between what Fisher wears and what Archer and Kestrel wear. Archer and Kestrel have a smaller body type compared to Fisher, as well as minor appearance changes between the two. Gloves are added to the uniform as opposed to a watch Fisher wears. Additionally, Archer and Kestrel's Sonar Goggles are always down, covering their eye area compared to Fisher, who only puts it over his eyes when it's in use.


The Classified uniform comes in 5 different variants the player can choose from (not including the default variant available from the start). The uniform that matches Fisher's uniform during the solo campaign is the default variant, while the other variants showcase different types of camouflage types the player has access to.

  • Default Variation: Dark Green long sleeve shirt, brown cargo pants
  • Variation 1: Green shirt, woodland camouflage pants.
  • Variation 2: Dirt brown shirt, desert camouflage pants.
  • Variation 3: Dark gray-black shirt, zebra camouflage pants.
  • Variation 4: Dark blue-black shirt, blue camouflage pants.
  • Variation 5: Gray shirt, checkered black-and-white camouflage pants.

Upgrades Edit

This uniform can be modified with up to three pieces of non-standard equipment to better improve operational capability.

Any upgrade with the backpack is replaced by the Assault Vest if it is equipped. If Ammo Upgrade one is equipped with the Assault Vest, then the additional pocket will be shown at the bottom right of the player's character, while Equipment Upgrade 1 will show two Flash Grenades at the top right of the Assault Vest as opposed to one as shown when wearing a backpack.

Equipping Ammo Upgrade 2 with the Assault Vest will still show the Assault Vest alone, and like Equipment Upgrade 1, wearing Equipment Upgrade 2 will show two Flash Grenades instead of one at the back of the uniform. If equipping both Ammo Upgrade 3 and Equipment Upgrade 3, Ammo Upgrade 1 will be shown in front of Equipment Upgrade 3.

Changes in AppearanceEdit

Armor Upgrades

  • Level 1: Left knee pad.
  • Level 2: Right elbow pad.
  • Level 3: Assault vest.

Ammo Upgrades

  • Level 1: Backpack with an additional pocket at the front harness.
  • Level 2: Backpack only, no modifications.
  • Level 3: Ammo strap with an additional pocket on the left leg.

Equipment Upgrades

  • Level 1: Backpack with a Flash Grenade at the front harness.
  • Level 2: Backpack with a Flash Grenade an the back of the uniform.
  • Level 3: Equipment strap with a Flash Grenade on the left leg.


  • This uniform is one of two uniforms that come the closest to showing most of Archer and Kestrel's face ingame when playing Hunter or Last Stand. If the player highlights the 3E Eclipse uniform and switches to the Classified uniform when playing as Archer, they may notice a change in jaw size between the costumes.
    • While Kestrel's SV1 Akula uniform shows his true eyes and eyebrows (being consistent with his true face) the same cannot be said for the 3E Eclipse in Archer's case due to the model for the Eclipse being a slightly altered version of model used for Splinter Cells in the main story. His real eyes and eybrows, however are seen at the last mission of the co-op campaign.
  • The only notable difference between this suit and Sam Fisher's attire is the equipment packs strapped to the user's right leg, as well as the gloves added to Archer and Kestrel.
  • If the player chooses to use Ammo Upgrades 1 & 2 or Equipment Upgrades 1 & 2, a small backpack will be added to Archer. This backpack is much smaller and compact than the one originally used by Sam Fisher, thus they carry a smaller payload of gadgets.
  • A way to customize the Classified uniform to make a close resemblance to the Mark V Tac Suit is the use of the following upgrades: Armor Upgrade 3, Ammo Upgrade 3, and Equipment Upgrade 3 (to closely resemble the bottom portion of the Mark V). Use Camoflauge Variation 4 to replicate Sam's Digital camouflaged pants.
    • This will make the uniform look like a mix between the Mark V's regular configuration and more closely, the configuration Sam wears in Burma, Miyanmar and Jakarta, Indonesia in Stealth Action Redefined and Pandora Tomorrow.
    • When looking at the uniform in certain perspectives in light, Variation 4 may instead have a black shirt and gray digital camouflage pants look despite both parts having a visible blue shade at the Deniable Ops menu, although the Blue color may show faintly in some areas in all of the maps.
  • The Overcharge Suit in Splinter Cell: Blacklist's multiplayer mode somewhat bears a resemblance to Classified attire via the vest, pants and boots. The suit itself (sans the goggles) is also possible to recreate in the Campaign loadout menu; it can be recreated by using a combination of:
    • Torso: Kevlar Weave
    • Gloves: Deadeye
    • Pants: Tactical Mesh
    • Boots: Ceramic Plate
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