"You think America can't find you?"
― McGowan to Majid Sadiq
Brigadier General Clark McGowan was the base commander for Anderson Airforce Base during the Blacklist Attacks in 2013. He, along with many of the U.S. personnel stationed at the Anderson Aiforce Base in Guam, were the first victims of the first Blacklist Attack from The Engineers.

Biography Edit

2013: Blacklist Attacks Edit

McGowan was present in the command center on the Anderson Airforce Base when multiple squads of Engineer members infiltrated, wearing U.S. military uniforms, and lead by their leader, Majid Sadiq. While much of the infiltration was recorded by one of the members, they were able to use stealth tactics to eliminate guards and officers with suppressed weapons. When McGowan's command room was breached by Majid Sadiq and his men, McGowan asked Sadiq, "You think America can't find you?" Sadiq told him that there was no need, and after shooting McGowan in the head, killing him, he said that The Engineers were coming to America. McGowan's death was recorded on camera by one of The Engineers and was included in the viral video The Engineers posted on the internet.

Trivia Edit

  • According to dialogue between Sam Fisher and Victor Coste, McGowan regularly hosts Texas Hold'em matches. Coste hinted that the helicopter they were using was going to be one of the wagers.
  • McGowan is the first named character to be killed in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
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