Were you looking for the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, the setting this level takes place?

Chinese Embassy (Part 2) is the ninth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrates the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar to find any evidence that People's Republic of China's General Kong Feirong is working alone.


Following the rescue at the slaughterhouse, Feirong prepares to flee the Embassy with a near-complete nuclear device. The only hope to prevent war between the US and China over alleged Chinese support of Kombayn Nikoladze is for Third Echelon to find proof that Feirong is acting alone.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Infiltrate the Embassy via the upper floor.
  • Access Feirong's communications archives from the Embassy's server in the basement.
  • Detonate their gas tanks to destroy the trucks carrying Feirong's nuclear weapon.
  • Access Feirong's computer to transmit the data back to Fort Meade.
  • Feirong's death before the computer has been unlocked will result in Mission Failure.
  • Killing Feirong will result in Mission Failure.
  • Meet Coen for Osprey extraction at the helicopter pad by the garden.

Notes Edit

  • Memory sticks won't be available for bypassing keypad-locked doors.
  • Thermal goggles can be used to recreate keypad codes based on handprint heat signatures.
  • Use Feirong to unlock the data stored on his personal computer.

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Mission OverviewEdit


Feirong's soldier fills up the gas tank for one of the trucks.

After the rescue from the Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats, Sam returns to the Chinese Embassy to interrogate General Feirong. He learns from the captured Chinese diplomats that Feirong is a traitor who does not represent the interests of his people. Sam infiltrates the embassy from a nearby restaurant where he is able to gain quick access to the embassy. Sam makes his way into the embassy until he stumbles upon two trucks that are carrying Feirong's nuclear weapons. Sam is ordered to destroy the trucks before moving onto General Feirong. Fisher shoots the fuel tanks, destroying both trucks and their cargo. Knowing that the authorities were closing in on him, Feirong attempted to commit suicide, and killed several soldiers who attempted to disarm him.

Sam finds General Feirong.

Once he makes it to Feirong's office, Sam discovers that General Feirong is in a drunken stupor. He quickly takes hold of Feirong and forces him to go through his PC, revealing his illegal alliance with Nikoladze before succumbing to the effects of the poisoned liquor he had been drinking. After retrieving the info, Sam fled the embassy, but found that a document fire was raging through the main hall, destroying the embassy from the inside out. Fisher fought his way through the flames onto the embassy grounds, where he met up with the Osprey and fled with the data.

The embassy was later seized by Chinese Special Forces. After the discovery of Feirong's deception, the U.S. and China restored diplomatic ties. The Embassy, having been consumed by fire, was likely destroyed.

Transcript Edit


With proof of Feirong's rogue status, the US and Chinese restore diplomacy. Meanwhile, the hunt for Nikoladze turns back to Georgia where intelligence gathered from Myanmar indicates he left behind the key to a mysterious weapon known only as the Ark... a weapon he is willing to risk a return to Georgia in order to recover.


  • The first mission, part one of Chinese Embassy, dealt with the exterior and outskirts around the embassy, while part two deals with more of the interior.
  • While shimmy acrossing the ledge, if the player uses thermal goggles, Feirong can be seen through the embassy's windows in his office walking around drinking.
    • However, if the player drops on the roof and shoots the windows, he will be spooked and run off causing an alarm to be triggered.
  • On the PS2 version, the garden temple's river, bushes and bridge on the embassy's main entrance grounds disappeared leaving nothing but grass.
    • On the PC version, the garden temple still has its river, bushes and bridge.
  • The trucks that must be prevented from leaving contain nuclear Americium, which is first mentioned but never found in the PS2 exclusive mission Nuclear Power Plant.
  • The kitchen chef is a reused model from the Defense Ministry mission on the PS2 version.
    • Interestingly, if the player chooses to kill him, it will not affect the mission.
  • The soldiers at the Chinese restaurant mention the possibility of the trucks detonating after leaving the garage.
  • The soldier that refills the truck tank (transporting the nuclear weapon) simply drops the gas nozzle on the ground after another soldier says that it should be enough gas.
  • Shooting at the gas nozzle is not required; throwing a grenade at the trucks will still detonate them with equally destructive results.
  • After the trucks are blown, one Chinese soldier will slip and fall down to the ground while responding to the explosion before getting back up.
  • Packaged toys, almost resembling Transformers from the popular media franchise, appear in the level inside one of the warehouses in the Chinese Embassy.
  • On the PS2 version, it is possible to jump up on the roof checkpoint in the alley near the backdoor kitchen without going through the kitchen's ladders (notably skipping Lambert's intercept about keypad locked doors) but doing so takes time.
  • Dropping from the roof to the ground at the main entrance to the Embassy will trigger an alarm and cause Lambert to lash out at the player, resulting in Mission Failure.
  • There are no data sticks that refer to keypad locks in this level, in fact, the data sticks in this level are gibberish, as the notes (and Lambert) reveal.
    • Despite being near-useless, one data stick references the Kola Peninsula similar to how Feirong referenced Kola Peninsula during his phone conversation with Kombayn Nikoladze.
  • It is possible to open the trapdoor and climb down before blowing up the trucks but doing so will cause the mission to fail.
    • On the PS2 version, if the player jumps down, the trapdoor's interior is nothing but a dead end.
  • Once Feirong is encountered, the player can take cover behind the wall as Feirong makes his way around the desk. He will stop and fire his sidearm with it lowered (making him very inaccurate). He will pause to drink more of his poisoned alcohol, making this the prime opportunity for players to grab him when he's distracted.
    • Additionally, Feirong can be grabbed just as he gets out of his chair and begins to walks around the desk, as he will ignore the player until he gets to a certain part.
  • Even if the player knocks out Feirong before unlocking the computer, despite not killing him, the mission will still fail.




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