Chemical Bunker is the fourth cooperative campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Agent One and Agent Two must investigate a North Korean bunker and recover a bio-weapon sample.

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Goals Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Infiltrate the bunker down one of the silos -
  • Recover the viral protocol from the main laboratory - The protocol for the North Korean biological weapon must be recovered from the main laboratory in order for you to manufacture an anti-virus.
  • Acquire the appropriate chimpanzee blood serum needed for the antidote - Blood serum from a test chimpanzee must be recovered in order for you to manufacture an anti-virus using the protocol.
  • Retrieve a sample of the anti-virus from the Cryogenic Chamber - A sample of the anti-virus must be manufactured from the protocol and recovered from the cryogenic chamber.
  • Retrieve a viral sample from one of the missiles - A sample of the weaponized virus must be recovered from one of the warheads in the storage facility.
  • Exfiltrate to the primary extraction point

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Recover the videotape of the monkey autopsy

Notes Edit

  • The key code into the mini lab is 5791
  • The key code to the refrigerated locker in the mini lab is 1423
  • The key code to open the security port of the main lab is 8416
  • Anti-viral protocol component one = blood serum type A
  • Anti-viral protocol user A = A green, B red, C violet
  • Anti-viral protocol user B = D blue, F aqua, F aqua

Data Edit

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LAMBERT - Under interrogation by Special Agent Jack Baxter, Jong Pom-chu confessed his involvement in delivering highly classified bio-weapon research to agents of the CGIB. CGIB then blackmailed him into acquiring heavily regulated viral engineering equipment which he smuggled through Panama on their behalf. Our investigation of Jong's reported telecommunications activities over the last few months makes it clear that the North Korean government may be using his intelligence and his equipment to manufacture biological weapons in a series of old bunkers near Namp'o-si. Your mission is infiltrate the bunker complex, identify any chemical or biological weapons, and recover samples of any agents being developed.

DPRK may be maintaining a biological weapons lab in a missile bunker in North Korea.

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