Charlie Cole
Concept art of Charlie Cole for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
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Fourth Echelon

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Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Echoes,

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Performance capture actor David Reale
"I'm just going to make some shit for you to, you know, explode."
― Charlie Cole
Charlie Cole is an expert hacker and a tech specialist within Fourth Echelon. Prior to joining Fourth Echelon, Charlie worked in the PMC Paladin 9 with Sam Fisher and Victor Coste before ending up in Fourth Echelon at Sam's request.


Early life Edit

Charlie Cole was an adopted child, at least since the age of twelve. Due in part to how he usually doesn't plan things out, he had gotten into trouble often. He became interested in hacking in hopes of finding his real biological father.

2013: Blacklist AttacksEdit

Cole makes his first appearance in Blacklist Zero at Anderson Airforce Base, where he provides Fisher and Coste with a satellite phone. Sam and Vic's helicopter crashes just outside of the Airforce Base; after the crash, they both communicate with Charlie using the satellite phone. After the base was secured and Vic was injured, Sam recruits Charlie into Fourth Echelon as a hacker and tech specialist.

Charlie continued to aid both Sam and Isaac Briggs in several of their missions, providing intel and walking them through tech information. Before the Blacklist Attack American Consumption, Charlie figured out that the location of the attack was going to be at Chicago, Illinois even though intel pointed to Dallas, Texas. This won him the respect of his superiors, and prevented the water source from being contaminated by The Engineers.

Late on, however, Cole accidentally revealed the location of the Paladin, leading to a brief firefight between Fourth Echelon operatives and a Mexican Cartel in an airstrip in the Yucatan Province, Mexico also allowed The Engineers to briefly hack into Paladin's system. Afterward, Charlie tried to confess his mistake to Sam, but was stopped by Anna Grímsdóttir - letting Sam know could get Charlie kicked out of Fourth Echelon.

Charlie designs and provides Sam and Briggs with gadgets, prototype weapons and his hacking skills during missions. He also gives advice on the loadout, going by intel on the mission beforehand to aid the player in their missions. During the third Blacklist Attack, American Freedom, Charlie assists Briggs in defusing the bombs. He is the designer of SC-1S series of weapons.

Post-Blacklist Edit

He continues to work with the team, and developed a micro-Tri-Rotor. He helped Fisher and Grim out in the field when investigating Nadia Kasperov, and received the phone number of a Swiss barista, who never called him back. The team successfully retrieved Igor Kasperov.

Profile Edit

Cole is both equal parts brilliant and reckless, credited in part to his lack of thinking ahead of time. He has an active social life and possesses a self-deprecating charm, useful for smoothing out rough circumstances. Life is just a game to him, and he has a knack for winning it.[1]

As far as food goes, Charlie really likes Skippy extra-crunchy peanut butter.[2] Despite being very knowledgable on firearms technology and creating all sorts of weapon prototypes, Charlie himself is very nervous about using firearms to defend himself.



  • In Blacklist, it is implied that Charlie is romantically interested in Sarah as he asked Sam in the prologue if she's single. Sam replied to Charlie by telling him to "stop hacking base IT."
  • Charlie Cole shares the same first name as Charlie Fryman, who was in Third Echelon working as a lab technician. Fryman helped design the frequency that allowed Sam's Sonar Goggles to see laser wires, as well as credited to writing the algorithm for the automatic gun turret defense system at Third Echelon Headquarters. The two are similar as they both worked for Echelon and designed many prototype technology systems.
    • Whether or not the coincidence was intentional or not was never revealed by Ubisoft Toronto.


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