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For the similar character in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2), see Carson Moss (Version 2).

"It's 'Moss'. Get it right or pay the price."
― Carson Moss to Sam Fisher after his name was mispronounced.

Carson Moss (1968–2008) was the Head of Security for the American terrorist organization, John Brown's Army, during the JBA Crisis of 2008. Moss was one of the high ranking JBA members that aided JBA leader Emile Dufraisne into a plot that involved acquiring Red Mercury, placing it in a bomb device, and attempting to detonate it in New York City, New York. He was killed by former Third Echelon Splinter Cell Sam Fisher as he was preparing the final Red Mercury device in the New York Harbor. He served as the secondary antagonist of Double Agent.


2008: Red Mercury Plot[]

Carson Moss was one of the members present when Jamie Washington brought Sam Fisher back with him after their escape from the Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary. He put Fisher to the test by having him run an obstacle course and by unlocking the safe that was located at the end of the course. What Moss didn't know was Fisher had other objectives to do for the NSA, and thus accomplished them without Moss knowing. Moss returned to the course and was impressed to see that the safe was open, and told Fisher to follow him to the interrogation room in order for Sam to prove himself to Emile Dufraisne, the JBA leader.

During Sam Fisher's first mission, Enrica Villablanca was Sam's handler for the mission, communicating objectives and updating information for the current operation at hand. Once Sam reached the RSS Rublev, however, Moss chimed in and took things over, with his first orders to Sam to neutralize all of the men on the deck. Each member on the deck of the Rublev that Sam took out Moss would mock Sam, with Sam at times telling him to 'shut up'. After taking out all the men, Moss then ordered Sam to take out the captain before he blows up the fuel on the boat and sinks it.

In the "bonus mission" (only available with the best ending), Sam finds Moss on a Coast Guard boat in New York City attempting to set off the last Red Mercury device after realizing the entire operation has gone awry. Sam can attempt to grab Moss but he manages to free himself, after which Sam knees him in his bad knee and then breaks his neck after a brief struggle.


Medical Record[]

Moss is physically powerful, if not particularly agile. He works out incessantly, and is extremely strong. His knee has healed sufficiently to allow him average mobility, and cannot be considered a weakness.[1]

Personal Info[]

Subject was born January 19, 1968 in Dothan, AL. Played high school football and was offered a scholarship to Auburn before tearing up his knee. Dropped out of college and worked in private security. Implicated in a series of racially motivated beatings but never arrested. Met Emile Dufraisne in 1996 and has remained fanatically loyal ever since. One of the original members of the JBA. Single, never married. Hints at military experience but never served in any branch of the US Armed Forces. Racist, bullying and jealous of Dufraisne's attention. Strong sadistic tendencies, particularly toward those he perceives as weaker than himself.[1]


Carson Moss is the head of security for the JBA. He enjoys Emile Dufraisne's unquestioned trust, and carries out many of Dufraisne's most sensitive orders. He also commands all security details within the group.[1]


  • Splinter Cell: Conviction writer Richard Dansky confirmed that Moss was killed by Sam on the boat in New York Harbor.[2]
  • If the player eavesdrops on Moss while he's exercising with his punching bag, the player can hear him say, "Damn Fisher! There's something about that guy."
    • Throughout the game, Moss showed little trust to Fisher, even when JBA trust is 100%.
    • Moss also has little respect to other JBA members except Emile, Sam can eavesdrop some rant from Moss and his fight with Jamie Washington throughout the JBA HQ missions.
  • The confrontation between Moss and Sam is optional; if the player does not have the requirements for the bonus mission, Moss is most likely escaped or apprehended by the FBI.
  • Along with Emile, Moss is the only member that has access to the interrogation room.
  • Moss is the last main JBA member to be killed by Sam, killing him is the canon choice.
  • Moss and Emile are the only two JBA members that fight back when Sam tries to grab them.
  • Unlike Emile, the player cannot interrogate Moss if wall grabbed.
  • Moss's character model is the tallest of any NPC in the game. 


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