Captain Diego
Died 24th June 2007 (Possible)
Career information
Occupation Sea captain
Rank Captain
Affiliations People's Voice
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Captain Diego was the captain of the Portuguese cargo ship, the Maria Narcissa, that usually conducted transport for various cargo among the Pacific trade routes. He was present on the Maria Narcissa when Third Echelon sent in Sam Fisher to board the ship and assassinate Hugo Lacerda, leader of a guerrilla group calling themselves the 'People's Voice'.

Biography Edit

2007: East Asian Crisis Edit

At some point, Captain Diego had the Maria Narcissa pick up Hugo Lacerda, who was present at the Punta Blanco Lighthouse in Peru. Third Echelon found this out after sending in a Splinter Cell on a mission to the lighthouse to make sure the information that Bruce Morgenholt, who was tortured and interrogated near the lighthouse, never got out. The Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher, was picked up by a helicopter from the USS Clarence E. Walsh (with help from the captain, Arthur Partridge) in order to be dropped in the path of the Maria Narcissa. Captain Diego, during the voyage to their destination, decided to allow Hugo Lacerda and his mercenaries to stay in his quarters for the duration of the travel. Captain Diego was present at the helm, with another crewman, as Sam Fisher infiltrated the cargo ship.

Profile Edit

Captain Diego was an experienced sea captain, although it is unknown how long he had been the captain of the Maria Narcissa. Going by how he transported arms and drugs, as well as his associations with the People's Voice, and aiding their leader, Diego wasn't a stranger to breaking the law. Captain Diego also knew how to transport drugs, stashing them in cheap coffee to avoid detection between smuggling and regular cargo checks.

Trivia Edit

  • Captain Diego's fate is largely up to the player, if he is interrogated, he will die even if the player knocks him out. Using non-lethal gadgets, such as the Sticky Shocker or a Ring Airfoil Projectile, will still cause him to die. His death is confirmed by using thermal vision to examine his corpse after some time.
  • Captain Diego uses cheap coffee to better hide drugs that the Maria Narcissa regularly transports, much to the annoyance of some of some of the guards on the cargo ship.
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