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"You can't touch me. I'm bulletproof."
― Calvin Samson to Sam Fisher during a violent interrogation.[src]

Calvin Samson was the Vice President of the United States of America under President Patricia Caldwell in 2011. A mere puppet under orders from the shadowy organization known as Megiddo, Samson was involved in the Third Echelon Conspiracy, which resulted in the dismantlement of Third Echelon. Samson succeeded Lee Wendell.


Pre-Third Echelon Conspiracy[]

Prior to the Third Echelon Conspiracy, Samson was elected to the vice presidency alongside President Caldwell, succeeding Vice President Lee Wendell. Samson, however, was heavily loyal to Megiddo and continued to serve in their plan to take over the U.S. presidency.

2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy[]

Lucius Galliard, CEO of the private military company Black Arrow, and then-Third Echelon Director Tom Reed met at the Lincoln Memorial just prior to a speech by Vice President Samson. They discussed the upcoming coup attempt, after which Megiddo had Galliard assassinated (by an unnamed gunman) before he could reveal the entire plan to former Third Echelon Splinter Cell Sam Fisher.

After the EMP attacks on Washington and the assault on the White House, Vice President Samson was brought to the Executive Residence as per the plan. From there, he would give a speech saying that the rogue agent and Black Arrow had assassinated President Caldwell and that he was assuming the presidency. However, Fisher arrived first and attempted to interrogate the Vice President. After Samson bragged about being "bulletproof", Fisher shot him in both of his kneecaps (joking on how his claim of being "bulletproof" was immediately proven wrong) and left him in the ballroom.

What happened to Samson afterwards is unknown but it was implied that he has been imprisoned for his crimes.


  • Dialogue between the construction workers in the Lincoln Memorial level indicate that Samson was in the Democratic Party, along with President Patricia Caldwell.

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