The CIA Training Farm (or simply The Farm) is a CIA training facility located in Camp Peary, Virginia. The facility is used to train officers of the National Clandestine Service, Defense Clandestine Service, as well as initially used by the NSA's then-newly created sub-branch, Third Echelon, to train the first Splinter Cell field agent, Sam Fisher, in 2004.


2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

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On August 7th, then-recently recruited ex-Navy SEAL/ex-CIA operative Sam Fisher, who came out of semi-retirement, arrived at this training facility to demonstrate his skills to spearhead the top secret operational division of the NSA, Third Echelon. Sam showed he was the right man for the job to undertake dangerous and covert solo missions by completing the course. Throughout the training exercise, Sam completed many tasks while being monitered by Irving Lambert through video feed and observation windows strategically placed around the facility. Lambert and Vernon Wilkes, Jr. welcomed Fisher into the NSA after he completed his covert ops training.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Farm" is a nickname for the CIA's training grounds located in Camp Peary, Virginia.
  • A secret room can be discovered in the Xbox/PC versions, where Anna Grímsdóttir can be found. If you knock her out, Irving Lambert will fire you.
  • The date of Sam's initial Third Echelon training is in August 2004 in Version 1 (Xbox/PC), October 2004 in Version 2 (PlayStation 2/GameCube), the 1990s in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials.


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