The C-147B Paladin, as it appears in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

"This puppy makes Air Force One look like a paper airplane, huh Sam."
Charlie Cole to Sam Fisher.

The C-147B Paladin is a large U.S. military transport aircraft re-purposed as a mobile HQ for Fourth Echelon. It has several sections, including an armory, infirmary and holding cells. The Paladin also includes news and data mining, predictive analytic, and facial & video forensics using a device called the S.M.I, or the Strategic Mission Interface.

History[edit | edit source]

The Paladin was established as the headquarters for Fourth Echelon. Sam Fisher is appointed as the unit's commander by President Patricia Caldwell following the first Blacklist attack, and is partnered with Anna GrímsdóttirCharlie Cole and Isaac Briggs. Shortly after the Safehouse operation in Benghazi, Libya, Andriy Kobin is placed in a holding cell as a high value prisoner, and eventually Kestrel rests in the infirmary after being extracted from Koltsovo Naukograd, Russia, but as a high value individual/patient.

Following the Guantanamo Bay mission, the Paladin comes under attack in Yucatan, Mexico. The crew defends it, and Ollie becomes wounded in action. Eventually, Briggs takes over the UAV to defend it as it takes off. Prior to American Fuel, Majid Sadiq orders the plane to be destroyed, that is why the Paladin experiences a STUXNET style virus attack from the Engineers, stripping the crew's control of the Paladin followed by flashes of the Blacklist on every screen within the ops center. The co-pilot ends up having to control the Paladin alone manually and Sam has to free Kobin from his cell in order to fly it above sea level.

Kobin tells Sam to dump some cargo to reduce the Paladin's weight, and Sam heads to the hangar where Briggs waits for him to dump the helicopter. Kobin then tells Sam to cut off the Paladin's power in order to reboot the Paladin's systems, then Sam heads to the cockpit where the co-pilot informs him that Kobin wants to re-install the Paladin's systems mid-flight. Kobin tells Sam to pump fuel back to the engines while he reboots the whole system, succeeding in the process; however, the American Fuel attack becomes successful throughout the virus attack on the Paladin, being hit by the same virus as well. It was revealed by Charlie that the STUXNET virus originated from the tablet Sam picked up in Mirawa, Iraq.

During the Denver mission, it is taken over by Delta Force operators. After Sadiq's plan foiled by Fourth Echelon, Sadiq and rest of the Engineers tried to hijack the Paladin, before being stopped by Fisher and Delta Force. Later, the team comes back on-board to continue operations after apprehending Sadiq. They used it to travel to Turkey in pursuit of Igor Kasperov.

The plane was once again mentioned in Operation Checkmate where it was used to extract a high value target, "The Strategist", whom Sam captured with the help of Victor Coste and Anthony "Nomad" Perryman, commander of a Ghost Recon unit in the island of Auroa.

Sections[edit | edit source]

The Paladin has 7 sections, all can be improved:

Cockpit[edit | edit source]

Sophisticated sensors track assets and hostiles during missions.

  • Level 1 - Unlock a radar shown in the HUD
  • Level 2 - Extend radar range & show facing directions

Charlie's Workshop[edit | edit source]

Here Charlie can repair and upgrade the Fourth Echelon's equipment. Upgrade Charlie's workshop to gain access to custom-built prototype weapons.

Command & Control[edit | edit source]

From here 4E Operations are launched and overlooked by the main Command. Upgrade to enhance data gathering capabilities to locate secondary objectives in the field.

  • Level 1 - Reveal dead drop locations in the HUD
  • Level 2 - Reveal all secondary objectives from further away

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

Injured crew and operatives are healed by the doctors. Upgrade medical facilities to keep Sam & Briggs performing at peak

  • Level 1 - Faster regeneration in SP & Coop
  • Level 2 - Even faster regeneration in SP & Coop

Crew Quarters[edit | edit source]

Quarters to accomodate the crew. Improve crew facilities to give Sam and Briggs more gear options when starting a mission

  • Level 1 - Unlock a custom loadout slot for SP & Coop
  • Level 2 - Unlock another custom loadout slot for SP & Coop

Holding Cell[edit | edit source]

Cells for 4E HVT or endangered informants. Improve Kobin's accommodations and he will pass along sources for black market weapons

  • Level 1 - Unlock 7 black market weapons for purchase
  • Level 2 - Unlock 7 more black market weapons for purchase

Cargo Bay[edit | edit source]

Storage facility for 4E supplies and transport and other equipment. Improve cargo facilities so Fourth Echelon can provide more extensive equipment drops

  • Level 1 - Customize gear in the field (except in Perfectionist)

The Paladin is 174 feet long and 170 feet wide. It is powered by four F117-PW-100 engines. The inside was covered by a composite, which turned it into a Faraday cage. Following Sadiq's subversion, the interior was TEMPEST certified and the avionics met RED/BLACK separation standards. Additionally, it was shielded against Van Eck phreaking. In other words, this also upgraded the aircraft's avionics to counter future cyber attacks.

Crew[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Paladin has many appearances. Indeed, from the first trailers to the most recent trailer, it loses two reactors, the cockpit is lowered, and overall appearance have changed. The remote controlled version of the Paladin doesn't have the same appearance as the in-game versions. The original appearance of the Paladin from the E3 2012 trailer resembles that of the C-5 Galaxy.
  • It seems to be 53 m long. (At 3:41
  • The interior changes slightly following certain missions: The holding cell is empty before Safehouse, the helicopter disappears after the Paladin mission, and Kestrel appears in the infirmary after completing the co-op campaign.
  • The phone in the C-147B Paladin allows Sam to keep in touch with his daughter, their conversations are different between missions.
  • Kestrel is the only person kept in the infirmary between missions, all of the crew that are sent to the infirmary return to their normal spot between missions.
  • The plane is modeled after the C-17 Globemaster III, according to Blacklist Aftermath. Though its in-game callsign is "Paladin", it is not to be confused with the C-50A or C-50B Paladin transport crafts, which are much bigger aircraft. Despite being based on C-17, it has some features found in C-141 Starlifter and C-5 Galaxy.
  • The name of the remote control version is C-147B Paladin. But in the "Become What They Fear Most" trailer, C-159 is written on the fuselage
    • Interestingly, the C-147B bears a striking resemblance to the Bering I-86DP from Just Cause 2. However, this is merely coincidental, as both were modeled after the C-17.
  • The C-147B Paladin is similar to the Nomad from Metal Gear Solid 4, both in that they are based on a military transport aircraft and they serve as the base of operations for the protagonists.
  • The Paladin makes a (destroyed) appearance as an Expedition mission in Far Cry New Dawn, with several War Journals scattered around its crash site, telling the story of how Sam Fisher tries to find his daughter following the nuclear holocaust. Players can also obtain his suit hidden within the level, and his writings also reference The Division.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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