Bruce Morgenholt
Ct morgenholt
Bruce Morgenholt in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
Biographical information
Born February 9, 1967
Wilmington, Delaware[1] or Cape May, Delaware
Died June 23, 2007 (age 40)
Lighthouse, outside of Talara, Peru
Cause of death Torture via electrocution.
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5′9″[1]
Weight 128 lbs[1]
Career information
Occupation Computational Theorist
Affiliations Wright-Pritchard Technologies
United Nations
Project Watson
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Bruce Morgenholt (February 9, 1967 – June 23, 2007), was a renowned computational theorist who was best known for his work in the United Nations (UN), having taken part in "Project Watson". He was the first of two High-Value Individuals (HVIs) Sam Fisher was assigned to locate and recover in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


Early lifeEdit

Morgenholt was born on February 9, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware. He was an ordinary guy who just happened to be one of the 12 or so most intelligent human beings on the planet, and was an employee of Wright-Pritchard Technologies, a telecommunications company with development contracts throughout South and Central America. Morgenholt worked alongside Abrahim Zherkezhi studying the Masse Kernels as part of Project Watson for the United Nations (UN) after the Georgian Information Crisis of 2004. Through his studies, Morgenholt successfully reverse-engineered the Masse Kernels with Zherkezhi's assistance, revealing the advanced nature of Philip Masse's information warfare techniques.

2007: Cyber AttacksEdit


Morgenholt after being tortured to death.

In June 2007, Morgenholt was kidnapped by a group of Peruvian revolutionaries under Hugo Lacerda known as the "People's Voice", and was tortured for information on the Masse Kernels. Ironically, it was Displace International who hired Lacerda, the same company protecting him. It was later learned that Displace wanted the Masse Kernels for themselves, and contracted Lacerda to carry out this deed. Morgenholt died from his torture before Splinter Cell Sam Fisher was able to rescue him, having been electrocuted to death by one of his captors. Fisher killed Morgenholt's killer, but did not have the means to extract Morgenholt's corpse.

After death Edit

Morgenholt's body was later recovered by American and Peruvian security forces. His kidnapping was covered up as a ransom attempt. His death was covered up as the result of a botched rescue operation by the Peruvian Army.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryEdit


  • The manual for Chaos Theory stated that Morgenholt was born in Wilmington, Delaware. But during the cinematic for the level "Penthouse" his profile states his birthplace of Cape May, Delaware.
  • Although the rescue of Bruce Morgenholt is listed as a mission objective, his death is scripted and thus this goal is impossible to accomplish.
  • The player can shoot Morgenholt and end his torture early, but Lambert will criticize this move, saying "NATO rounds in his body will not look good". Fisher will justify his move by "making sure he is not suffering".
  • After Morgenholt is killed Sam can cut his body down from the pipe and leave him in the bathtub. Lambert warns Fisher that he needs to stay connected and "rational", to which Fisher responds "Just because he's dead doesn't mean I have to leave him here hanging like a piece of meat ... You can spare thirty seconds for some simple dignity."


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