Border Crossing is a solo/coop Grim Mission in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In this mission, Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher and Field Operator Isaac Briggs must search for hard-copy intelligence files regarding The Engineers around a small border crossing station on the Sharoysky District in Chechnya.

Briefing Edit

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • A: Scan the files in the border crossing station.
  • B: Scan the files in the police van.
  • C: Scan the files in the office building.

Strategies Edit

  • For objective B, which is located inside the back of a police vehicle, a Sniper is stationary on a building a distance away (where Objective C is located), overlooking the police vehicle. It may be possible, if taking an alternate route, to distract the Sniper in order to make it easier to scan the files and quickly get out.
  • There are three ways to get to the next area (where Objectives B and C are located) at the start of the missions: the path to the left takes you through a building (where Objective A is) and a small minefield (which can be bypassed). The middle path, while possible to move through, is the most risky as there is little cover and more guards. The path to the right leads up to a rocky area where mines, a High-Value Target and security cameras are located.
  • behind the first builing (wich "A" is located) there is a switch witch turn of the cameras in the first area and can be accesed by a dual breach door or through the building.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dead Drop in this level is located in the small building at the border crossing gate, up a floor and in the rafters above, on the wall.
  • There is a Blacklist Laptop located just below the room where Objective C is located. It can be reached by jumping out the window and dropping down one level where another window is there.
  • The level itself is a state border between Georgia and Russia.
  • this level is the first level of grims mission with bullet proof camera


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