Bobrov was a Russian sailor who was stationed at a Russian naval shipyard on the Kola Peninsula, Russia in 2005, months after the end of the Georgian Information Crisis.

Biography Edit

2007: Kola Cell Operation Edit

During his duties, however, the naval shipyard was infiltrated and then attacked by Russian soldiers under the command of Colonel Alekseevich, in charge of the 'Kola Cell'. Bobrov was captured by enemy soldiers, placed in the cafeteria's freezer, and interrogated for information regarding the restricted areas of the naval shipyard. The soldiers were allowed to  'beat him', but ordered to make sure that he doesn't die. Bobrov was contacted by Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher when Third Echelon sent him in to investigate the facility. Fisher asked him why he was left alive, to which he revealed that they would need his knowledge of codes and passwords to access the restricted sections of the facility. After the conversation, it is unknown what became of Bobrov as it is never revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can kill Bobrov and still continue the mission. If the enemy finds his body, they will act as if he's another one of 'their guards' and radio in.
  • If Bobrov is knocked out, he will still 'die'.
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