Blacklist Zero is the first solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Sam Fisher and Victor Coste must make their way to a communications jammer after the first Blacklist Attack commences and causes their helicopter to crash. This level provides a tutorial section for players to become familiar with the controls.

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Disable the jammer.

Mission OverviewEdit

The Engineers, led by their leader Majid Sadiq, infiltrate the Anderson Air Force Base as one of the Engineer members carry around a camera to record. They move down the hallway, shooting and killing the personnel in the hallways using suppressed weapons to take them down. The Engineers enter the main control room, taking out the personnel except for the general. The general tells them that they can't hide, that America will find them, to which Sadiq replies that, "We are coming to America." Sadiq then pulls out his pistol and shoots the general in the head as he falls on his back.

Victor Coste and Sam Fisher, working for Paladin Nine Security, prepare for aerial recon as they load the helicopter with equipment. Sam puts a weapon case into the chopper, however, Coste says that there's no need for weapons - it's simply recon. Charlie Cole meets them at the chopper and gives them a radio for communications, Coste hands Charlie the weapon case. Coste then calls Sam's name, knowing that he's carrying a sidearm; Sam gives up the handgun, giving it to Charlie. Coste and Sam get into the helicopter and request clearance from the tower to lift off. After a couple of silence from the radio, Coste chooses to forget the protocol and prepares to take off anyway.

Back inside the Anderson Air Force Base control room, Majid Sadiq contacts other Engineer soldiers around the base who have systematically planted explosives inside the hanger. After the Engineer uploads the video that they recorded at the base on the internet, Sadiq tells everyone to begin pulling out as they leave the building. As the Engineers exit the building, they come upon two Engineers: one is helping the other one, who is injured by one of the Air Force personnel. Sadiq tells the other to "leave him" as they enter the humvees and begine leaving. Sadiq then detonates the explosives planted in the base, causing massive destruction and critically damaging Coste's helicopter. The helicopter crashes into a stream just outside Anderson Air Force Base.

After the crash, Coste is able to climb out of his side but Sam is stuck by some metal from the helicopter. As Coste is coming over to help him, the communication radio Charlie gave them beeps. Sam grabs it and finds Charlie on the other end, asking what's going on. Charlie explains that the Engineers have used one of the Air Force Base's communication's jammers to disrupt and block all communications. Coste is able to help Sam get free from the metal piece from the helicopter, and they both make their way to the jammer's location. As they navigate their way through the water drainage, personnel are still being killed by Engineer soldiers around the parimeter. As Sam and Coste climb up to a higher level, they both take out two Engineer members on the way to the jammer. Coste attends to the wounded Air Force soldier while Sam continues towards the jammer.

Sam finally make it to the jammer, but his leg is grabbed by a wounded man dressed in military attire. Sam carries him over to the truck, but is approached from behind. Sam quickly turns and points his gun but finds that it's just Coste. Sam tells Coste to help the wounded soldier while he disables the jammer. Sam contacts Charlie again and asks him how to shut down the jammer. The wounded man tries saying something to Coste, but Coste is unable to understand him. Charlie is finally able to tell Sam how to shut down the jammer, and Sam is able to do so. The wounded man finally tells Coste that, "You can't stop The Blacklist!" as he pulls the pin of a grenade and holds it up. Coste tells Sam to get down as they both run and take cover as the grenade explodes behind them. Coste is then shown to be in the hospital afterwards as Sam watches over him.

After the first Blacklist attack, named "Blacklist Zero", United States of America President Patricia Caldwell forms Fourth Echelon, and tasks them with investigating and stopping future Blacklist attacks. The main members of Fourth Echelon included Sam Fisher, Anna Grímsdóttir, Charlie Cole and Isaac Briggs.


  • This is the first and only level where goggles and gadgets are not available during the entire mission; there are also no Weapon Stash cases in this level as well.
  • Victor Coste only appears in this mission in the entire game during gameplay. He is mentioned by Sarah Fisher during a phone call with Sam while he is on the C-147B Paladin. His second, and last appearance, was in the final cutscene after the credits.
  • The codenames Majid Sadiq uses during this mission are chess pieces: King, Queen, Rook, Knight, and Pawn.
  • Being the prologue, this level is actually fairly short, only including three main areas: the drainage ditch, second area and the third area (the second area being the section you first take out a guard, the third area being the more open area before the end cutscene).
  • There are no HVTs or Dead Drops to collect in this mission.
  • This mission may be skipped by the player at any time during the level.
  • Victor Coste's accent seems to have changed since Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • The plaque at Andersen Air Force Base lists the commanding officer as Brigadier General McGowan. On his uniform, McGowan wears three stars, the insignia of a Lieutenant General.




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