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B.J. Sykes (1974–2008), was a computer hacker in charge of the JBA's security systems in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2).


Probably the least liked of all the JBA members, Sykes is an introvert who talks to himself because he doesn't like to talk with others (and they don't much like talking to him). Although Sykes is notorious for jumping to paranoid conclusions, Emile respects his technical skills, and Sykes sticks around because he gets to play with the JBA's high-tech systems.[1]


Initials stand for Billy Jo, named after both parents, deceased. Raised by father's parents, deceased 2003. Spent time in juvenile detention for starting fires. Put on neuroleptics for three years, no followup. Suspect in two bombings in Ohio, never charged. The only one Emile trusts to run errands outside of the compound.[2]


Sykes has a brief cameo guarding Carson Moss (Version 2)' office. He is overheard having an argument with Moss, who threatens to "feed [him] to the 'gators."

Red Mercury Plot

Sykes is killed along with Jamie Washington (Version 2) by Sam Fisher in New York City.


  • (Xbox version) His fingerprints are located on the keyboard of the server room computer that the player must place open connection for Third Echelon, as well the evidence of Cole Yeagher's plan.
  • He is the sole core JBA member that appears in version 2 of Double Agent only, his role in version 1 is played by Stanley Dayton.


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