Bellagio Sampler
Known aliases Bellagio Sampler
Born 1971
Physical description
Hair Brown (Balding)
Eyes Brown
Height 5′9″
Weight 176 lbs
Career information
Occupation Analyst
Affiliations Mossad
Central Intelligence Agency
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Sam Fisher: "Bellagio Sampler?"
Irving Lambert: "You asked me where my sense of humor was."

Bellagio Sampler was the alias of an analyst employed by the Central Intelligence Agency who operated in Jerusalem to obtain a sample of a deadly strain of smallpox virus in possession of a Syrian terrorist cell.

Biography Edit

2006: Indonesia Crisis Edit

In 2006, the Indonesian terrorist group known as the Darah Dan Doa declared open war on the American presence in the former province of East Timor, and sought to strike directly at the American homeland. During that year, rogue CIA agent Norman Soth worked to acquire biological weapons for the Darah Dan Doa. He traveled towards Jerusalem where he bought a sample of the deadly smallpox virus from a Syrian terrorist cell.Third Echelon sent Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to find it and retrieve it. After dispatching the Syrians, Fisher stole the remaining sample, and was informed that analyst Bellagio Sampler was waiting on the Osprey with Frances Coen to examine the agent. Upon evading the Israeli authorities, Bellagio studied the sample, and soon found it was necessary to vaccinate all vital military personnel and anybody in the U.S. who was exposed to the virus.

Relevant historyEdit

I've got nothing on this guy. The CIA's being excruciatingly nervous and uncommunicative about this, feels like the late nineties. Probably anxiety about Mossad connections and the whole Dahlia Tal situation. Giving the guy an alias as ridiculous as "Bellagio Sampler" wasn't necessary. But he's supposedly a good analyst, and someone who could show up on five minute's notice. — [Author: Grímsdóttir]


  • Bellagio's alias is greatly ridiculed in the few times he was mentioned. Fisher questioned the sensibility of the name when Lambert informed him of Bellagio's presence. In her file on him, Anna Grímsdóttir states that she thinks that the alias is utterly ridiculous.
  • Bellagio's true name was never revealed, only his field alias.
  • Bellagio's name is only said aloud if Fisher kills Israeli Shin Bet Agent Dahlia Tal. If he spares her life, Lambert instead chides on Fisher's earlier decision to let her go, disregarding the mention of Bellagio.
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