Belgrade City is the third solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials.

Mission Briefing Edit

Locate and destroy the missile shipment.

Intelligence reports confirm that Serbian militia forces have recently acquired advanced Russian surface-to-air missile systems from a black market source in the Air Defense Ministry. One such system has been made operational near the port facilities of Belgrade City and has already been responsible for the destruction of several NATO planes. Reloads for the SA-15 system are limited, but a fresh shipment of missiles has recently arrived by ship.

Mission Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Mission Overview Edit

In February 1999, during NATO bombing campaign in Yugoslavia, Sam Fisher was sent on a mission for the National Security Agency and Third Echelon to Belgrade City, Yugoslavia. With help from Irving Lambert and Anna Grímsdóttir, he was sent to destroy SAM missiles being supplied to the Serbs. His first objective was infiltrate a cargo ship, and destroy several missiles on board. After destroying the missiles he infiltrated the hideout where the launcher was being kept to find evidence that the Russians were supplying the weapons.

Characters[2] Edit

Part 1 Edit

  • Maksim Radovic (†)
  • Stevan Radovic (†)
  • ljuban (2) (†)
  • Maciek (†)
  • Dragan (†)
  • Roman (†)
  • Terenti (†)
  • Milan (†)
  • Iakov (†)
  • Radovic (†)

Part 2 Edit

  • Tibor (†)
  • Predrag (†)
  • Aleksei (†)
  • Jolan (†) — has satchel from Colonel Bozidar Terzic, 18/04/1999, 9:31.
  • Vladimir (†)
  • Pavel (†)
  • Velislav (†)
  • Nikolai (†)
  • Tomasz Maric (†) — has satchel from Sergeant Milos Bozanivc, 17/04/1999, 17:58.
  • Valerian (†)
  • Bozidar Terzic (mentioned only)
  • Milos Bozanivc (mentioned only)


  1. The data sticks from enemies have letters dated by late numbers, 17 April 1999, 17:58 - 18 April 1999, 09:31. They contradict the mission date from the boot screen.
  2. Killed by Sam.


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