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Battery is the seventh single player level in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, taking place at the NKA (North Korean Army) Coastal Battery in North Korea. Sam Fisher is tasked with finding evidence determining if the North Koreans intentionally launched the missile that destroyed the USS Walsh.


With Zherkezhi dead and the world at the brink of war, it must be determined if the North Koreans intentionally launched the missile that sank the USS Walsh, or if the launch was forced by Masse enabled information warfare attack.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Determine if the Koreans intentionally launched the missile. — Despite North Korean claims, satellite shows conclusively that the missile that sank the Walsh came from this battery. Check the command center to determine if it was intentional.
  • Tap the launcher BIOS for a fingerprint of Dvorak algorithm fragments. — If the launch was forced it's possible that a Dvorak 'fingerprint' can be found on the BIOS of the west battery launcher. Open the casing on the launcher itself to check.
  • Stop the missile launch. — War has broken out, and North Korea has authorized attacks against US targets at sea. Try to prevent a missile launch from the east battery launcher.
  • Acquire the missile abort codes. — The missile is away. Get the abort codes from the launch command beneath the east battery launcher.
  • Abort the missile. — Take the abort codes to the east missile bay and use them to bypass the missile fusing authorization check.
  • Exfiltrate to any available extraction point. — Exfiltrate over the side of the cliff from either launcher.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Recover the shipping and repair logs. — Recovering low level intelligence about shipping and repair duties from four unsecured computers will give Echelon's analysts a better picture of NKA capabilities in the region.

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Prime a missile in each of the missile bays.
  • Determine North Korea's divisional strength down the Kaesong-Musan approach.

Notes Edit

  • The key code for the shipping area door is 1879.
  • Ammunition can be found in the warehouse.
  • Use the crane controls to move the missile and clear the path.
  • The only way into the missile bay is through the missile loading shaft.
  • An elevator connects the command center to the missile control room.
  • The base commander can be found in the command center.
  • You can activate the arming sequence on uncased missiles.
  • War has broken out along the DMZ.
  • Upload the abort codes from the computer under the east launcher.
  • Download the abort codes to the console in the missile control room.

Data Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit

During the events after the Blackout at New York and Japan, the USS Clarence Walsh was sank unexpectedly by a torpedo while the crew was celebrating Independence Day. The ship's crew was given no warning, and were thus unable to deploy countermeasures against the missile, and there were no survivors. Third Echelon tracked the missile's point of origin, and it was determined that it came from a North Korean military battery, which was presumed deactivated until the sudden launch.

Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher was dispatched to the Battery to find evidence of North Korea's involvement with the attack. He was dropped in via HALO insertion two clicks east of the Battery. He then entered via an enclave that reached the main complex and made his way to the main launcher facility. After navigating the facility, Fisher finds himself in the battery's command room. Inside, Fisher is able to overhear the battery's commander receiving an analysis from two of his soldiers on how the missile launched without his authorization. After being told that there was no malfunction, the battery commander kills the captain, as he was the only other individual capable of authorizing the missile's launch. This disproves the theory that North Korea intentionally sank the Walsh. Sam then proceeded to the missile's launch port and was asked to check the it for any DVORAK fingerprints. Upon forcing the launcher open and patching through it's system, Grim finds the print which indicates that it was forced to launch from another source. Upon closer analysis, Third Echelon is able to determine that the signal came from Seoul, South Korea. Immediately after the discovery, Lambert informs Fisher that the NKA has officially declared war, and has attempted to launch a missile intending to strike the USS Ronald Reagan, which is anchored near the Korean Peninsula for overwatch. Sam was unable to stop the missile's launch, but was able to determine that using the missile's abort codes would prevent its warhead from arming. Fisher finds and inputs the missile's abort codes, resulting in the missile's being effectively useless. Sam then managed to exfiltrate via the launch pad's ladders down to the water.

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  • William Redding states that the Battery has been around since World War 2, but has been retrofitted several times since then.
  • Throughout the mission, humorous broadcasts may be heard over the P.A. system in the Battery. An example of this is the phrase, "Attention all personnel: tomorrow is new toothbrush day." However, more serious broadcasts can also be heard as well. An example of this is the phrase, "Reminder to all personnel: food and water rations in effect until further notice."
    • The speakers broadcasting the messages can be disabled by shooting them.
  • This is the first time the player will be given timed objectives, although the player has plenty, failing the objective will fail the mission.
  • This is the first mission where the NPCs talk to themselves about random topics.
  • The player may occasionally hear a guard utter the phrase, "Whoo! Glad no-one was around to smell that!" implying a rather vicious case of flatulence.
  • This is the first time in any game where an NPC kills another one over a dispute.
  • Elevator secret code is 1304. It is possible to learn only manually.
  • A Flashbang Grenade is found in the sleeping quarters.
    • Also Shells, a Smoke and Frag Grenade are found near the elevator.
  • Upon interrogating him, one guard will be so terrified of Sam that he will try to convince him that he loves America and everything about it, including Britney Spears and the New York Yankees. Sam ultimately decides to abandon the interrogation since the guard is too scared to give him any useful information.
  • After Sam gets the abort codes, Grimm reminds him that the missile is still going full speed towards the USS Ronald Reagan, after which Sam says "Did you just tell me I need to win one for the Gipper?". This is a reference to the 1940 film Knute Rockne, All American, where the Gipper was played by (then famous actor) Ronald Reagan, after which it became one of his many nicknames. The film follows a true story in which Notre Dame college football player George Gipp, on his deathbed in 1920, tells Rockne, his football coach, to some day "win just one for the Gipper". Reagan, of course, went on to become the 40th President of The United States, after whom the USS Ronald Reagan is named after and who sometimes also jokingly referred to himself as "the Gipper" (most famously in 1988 at the Republican National Convention, when his 2nd term was about to end); the implication here is that Grimm was rallying Sam to stop the missile for the USS Ronald Reagan, just like Rockne in 1928 told Gipp's last words to the team, rallying them to "win one for the Gipper" against the US Military Academy team by pulling a 12-6 upset.
  • Sam can interrogate the base commander for extra conversation.
  • One of Grim's dialogues mentions that "Crowbars are for geeky video game characters.", referring to Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist of the Half-Life series.



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