Bathhouse is the ninth level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.


Douglas Shetland is in Tokyo and planning to meet with an unknown party to sell off the last of the information Displace gathered from Zherkezhi and Morgenholt. Shetland’s partners must be identified, and Shetland must be stopped.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Gain entry to the bathhouse — Shetland has secured a Tokyo bathhouse to finalize his dealings with his unknown partners. Enter the bathhouse through the drainage system.
  • Discover who Shetland's contact is — Access the computer of the bathhouse owner to determine who Shetland's contact is and where and when they will be meeting.
  • Eavesdrop on Shetland's meeting before the I-SDF takes him down — Shetland is meeting in the private area of the bathhouse to conclude his deal. Otomo's I-SDF is inbound to take Shetland down. Eavesdrop on the meeting before this happens.
  • Disarm Shetland's bombs — Shetland is planting bombs that will destroy the bathhouse and cover up evidence. Disarm the bombs before going after Shetland.
  • Eliminate Shetland — Shetland must not be allowed to escape the bathhouse under any circumstances.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Find out who gave the I-SDF assault team their orders — The inbound I-SDF assault team is being coordinated locally. Determine who is commanding them.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Tap the bathhouse telephone lines — Third Echelon Field Runner Frances Coen has been monitoring the activities of a yakuza organization known as the Red Nishin. Tap the bathhouse phone lines for her.

 Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Hack Shetland's computer


  • The owner's computer is in his office, upstairs from reception.
  • The lobby and offices are to the north...the baths are to the south.
  • There is a medical kit located in the closet in the restaurant area.
  • The door code to the owner's office is 3650.
  • Shetland may be meeting with the Red Nishin, a yakuza organization.
  • Shetland has arrive and is about to meet in the private baths.
  • I-SDF is preparing to take Shetland down and compromise the op.
  • Some guys stowed some of their equipment in the massage room.
  • There is a medical kit located in the massage room.
  • Shetland's elite guards are equipped with thermal vision.
  • There is a drainage tunnel between the hot dry room and the cold wet room.
  • Shetland has a helicopter ready for emergency extraction from the roof.
  • There is a vent overlooking the room where Shetland is meeting his partners.
  • There is a medical kit located at the entrance of the private showers.
  • Shetland is planting bombs to cover his escape.


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Mission Overview Edit

After analyzing the intel gathered from the Data Trunk in Seoul, Third Echelon is able to determine that the attack which sank the USS Clarence Walsh in fact did not come through South or North Korea, but rather through Japan, considered to be incredulous due to the fact that Japan is an American ally. In order to further gather information and discover the other parties involved in the attack, Third Echelon is able to track Douglas Shetland to a bathhouse in Tokyo, Japan. Fisher is ordered to eavesdrop on the meeting between Shetland and his business partners, and isolate the spread of the weaponized algorithms stolen from Zherkezhi.

Fisher infiltrates the bathhouse. He is soon after given a request by his former transportation and infiltration agent, Francis Coen, to tap the phones in the bathhouse to give the local authorities information regarding a local Yakuza crime group. After discovering Shetland's meeting location, Fisher is informed that the Japanese I-SDF is preparing to take down Shetland and his business partners (suspected to be the Red Nishin, whom Coen is investigating), further promoting the urgency to find him and his partners quickly. After navigating through the inner levels of the bathhouse, Fisher is able to successfully eavesdrop on Shetland's meeting. It is then revealed that the I-SDF is not planning on taking down Shetland, but rather are meeting Shetland as his business partners. The meeting goes awry, and after killing the men he was meeting, Shetland is forced to fall back for extraction. A massive firefight between Displace mercenaries and I-SDF assault troops ensues, which Fisher is forced to navigate his way through.

Shetland eventually figures out that Fisher is in the bathhouse tracking him. He slows Fisher's progress by placing bombs throughout the lower levels of the bathhouse and sending troops towards Fisher in an effort to neutralize him. Sam disarms Shetland's bombs and makes his way through his mercenaries. The two eventually come to a standoff on the roof of the bathhouse, where Shetland intends to extract. The two exchange a few words, eventually leaving Sam to choose between shooting Shetland or holstering his pistol, resulting in Sam fatally shooting Shetland remarking he wouldn't shoot an "old friend".

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  • The bathhouse has a good amount of puddles in the bathing rooms, as expected. Making use of the Sticky Shocker by shooting it in the puddles as a guard steps in it can provide an excellent trap.
  • This is the first mission enemies with night vision in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory are encountered, despite being able to see you in the dark, they don't possess heat vision mode - this means that the smoke grenade can be used to blind their vision.
  • This is the first level that player encounters I-SDF troopers.
    • The I-SDF troops carry SAR 21 assault rifles.
  • This is the second level that has hostile automated turret.
  • Frances Coen is referenced in the side objective Fisher will get, she wanted the bathhouse bugged by placing audio devices where the telephones are.
  • Under interrogation one of the guards will say that thermal wont work in steam unlike fog like in an abattoir. A reference to the abattoir level from original Splinter Cell.
  • A reference to the 1988 film Akira is found when watching the meeting from the vent. "Kaneda" will be shouted followed by "Tetsuo" just before the shooting.
  • Going after Shetland before disarming the bombs will result in the bombs detonating regardless of time left.
  • This level is regarded as one of the hardest levels in the entire game to achieve 100% stealth score on.
  • The PS2 version has a bug at the fight between one of Shetland's elite guard and two I-SDF guys where Shetland's elite guard discovers Sam, regardless of any actions of the latter. So achieving a 100% stealth score does not seem possible - 97% max.
  • The PS3 HD version has a bug at the ending cutscene where Sam's dialogue after killing Shetland is not heard even though you can see his mouth moving.
  • The level has a bug that prevents the player to achieve the 100% score. To avoid scoring 97% all the time, try to stay away from the vent opening that is used for eavesdropping the meeting. Just get back as far as you can and in this way, you can avoid getting spotted by the guards.




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