Biographical information
Died 2008 (Player choice)
Cause of death Killed by Sam Fisher (Player choice)
Citizenship American
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2)
"You just made a big mistake. They're gonna have to hose you off the concrete when I get through with you."
― Barnham to Sam Fisher after grabbing him.
Barnham was a convicted prisoner in Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary in 2008. Briefly noted as being a 'key witness' in a federal case by Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert, Barnham had been at odds with both Sam Fisher and Jamie Washington prior to their confrontation with him in the prison yard.

Biography Edit

2008: Red Mercury Plot Edit

Barnham had been a prisoner in Ellsworth at least until 2008, where it is implied that he cooperated with federal members in the US, as he agreed to step up to be a witness in an unidentified federal case. On the very same night that undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher and JBA member Jamie Washington decided to finally break out of the prison, Barnham confronted Jamie as he was lifting weights in the prison yard. Barnham grabbed the weights and attempted to strangle Jamie with the bar, taunting him in the process. Fisher defended Jamie, telling Barnham to back off of Jamie. After shrugging of Fisher, Barnham was grabbed from behind by Fisher. It is unknown if Fisher actually killed Barnham or not to gain the trust of Jaime Washington, but the end result had both Fisher and Jamie knocked out by prison guards.

Trivia Edit

  • Barnham only appears in Version 2 of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Similar to Carson Moss, Barnham is bigger than everyone else in the game, even bigger than Carson Moss.
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