"Thank God you found me, ignominious getaway."
― Azrul to Sam Fisher during their short meeting.[src]
Azrul Idriss Arifin was an undercover CIA agent acting as Suhadi Sadono's private aviator for Sadono's plane during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006.

Biography Edit

2006: Indonesian CrisisEdit

In 2006, Azrul worked as an undercover CIA agent as Sadono's personal pilot. Azrul was located in an underground facility waiting to meet Sam Fisher, a Splinter Cell from Third Echelon. After a quick verification, Azrul told Fisher about the name 'Stanley Nakariakov' and gave Fisher the name of a district in China 'he' is located, the Lei Yu Mun district in Hong Kong. He repeated the name to Fisher before finishing the conversation. Before leaving, Fisher told Azrul to not fly Sadono's plane, as the plane was sabotaged by Fisher.

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