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Dr. Abdul Ahmad Aswat is a Pakistani nuclear scientist who attempted to sell the dangerous material Red Mercury to American terrorist leader of the John Brown's Army, Emile Dufraisne, during the JBA Crisis in 2008.


2008: JBA Crisis (Version 1)[]

He carries out the meeting with Emile and his ally Carson Moss at theJin Mao Hotel in Shanghai, China where he tries to raise the price to $400 million, which Emile does not agree to. Next, Sam Fisher is ordered by Hisham Hamza to kill Aswat in order to stop him from selling nuclear materials on the black market ever again. Then, Emile orders Fisher to steal Aswat's notes on creating Red Mercury in order to make the material himself. Sam carries out both orders by stealing Aswat's notes for Emile and killed Aswat after he returns to his room as ordered by Hisham and extracted on Emile's helicopter. Failing of the termination of Dr. Aswat will result in loss of NSA trust. Taking too long to reach the JBA helicopter will also cause JBA trust to decrease, so Sam has to make a move quickly or he will suffer trust loss to both sides.


  • Despite Aswat having a profile in the OPSAT, it is impossible to obtain any background information on him.
  • Aswat's full name is revealed in an e-mail in a computer in his hotel room.
  • Killing Aswat can prevent the loss of trust from NSA, but doing this will most likely hurt the mission score as he is always accompanied with his bodyguards.
  • Aswat carries a SC pistol, which is unique to other NPCs.