The Assault Vest is a piece of equipment in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. It is acquired late in the game, after the Michigan Avenue Reservoir level. Following Vic and Sarah's extraction of Sam at the end of the level, their helicopter is shot down shortly after the EMP attack on Washington, D.C. commences. Vic manages to crash land the helicopter at Ford's Theater in the Downtown District. Regaining consciousness, Sam discovers that his Portable EMP is useless and discards it. Sarah pulls the Assault Vest out of the helicopter wreckage and tosses it to her father, who puts it on. Although the Portable EMP is lost, Sam is being able to carry one more of each gadget and has slightly enhanced damage resistance.

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  • Even if the Portable EMP had not been damaged by the crash, it would have been rendered functionally useless as all light sources are chemically powered following the EMP attack and thus cannot be disabled by EMP tech.
  • The Assault Vest is also wearable by Archer and Kestrel in Deniable Ops missions. The player has to go to the uniform selection screen, purchase the Classified outfit (Sam's single player outfit) and purchase the third armor upgrade. Variations of the vest are also seen on the Black Arrow and Urban Tracker outfits (also the third armor upgrade).
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