"Face enemies in open combat."
― In-game description

Assault is a playstyle featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. This playstyle favors open combat and assault-based tactics to take out enemies, setting the environment up as a battlefield zone. Players are given the least amount of points when they choose the Assault playstyle compared to the Panther and Ghost playstyles.

Overview Edit

The Assault playstyle favors actions more akin to the third-person shooter genre rather than using any stealth-based tactics to take out enemies. Engaging in combat, such as using loud weapons and gadgets, is key to starting off the firefight. Despite being the "Assault" playstyle, the player is still able to play non-lethally (using gadgets/weapons to knock out enemies) and the game will still reward them with assault points. When an enemy is engaging the player, only then will Assault points be rewarded to the player. Although not helpful in covert situations, Assault playstyle may be the last resort for the player, in Charlie's mission, where the players face a large amount of foes, they will find themselves using Assault more frequently.

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