American Consumption is the fourth Solo Campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Following Charlie Cole's hunch, the next Blacklist Attack was suspected to happen in Chicago, Illinois, with The Engineers using a fake hostage situation to cover up a plan to poison the water filtration planet nearby. Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher is inserted on the roof of the building to prevent the next Blacklist Attack.

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Sam starts the mission on the roof of a building currently defended by a group of criminals who have barricaded themselves inside of the building with hostages, as SWAT awaited outside. Briggs suggests that they still may have time to get back to Dallas, where the President wanted them to go originally, but Sam confirms that they have no choice now, and the mission is go. Sam sneaks into the ventilation system and reaches the showroom where the group of Engineers are patrolling the dark halls. From their equipment and dialogue, Sam deduces that the guys he sees are amateurs, with Briggs saying that they can still be just as dangerous as the real deal. Fisher gets through the stairwell and make it to a pumping room, where civilians are captured by the Engineers and strapped with C-4.[Notes 1]

Fisher makes it down into a sewage system where heavily armored men are found, patrolling the dark, wet environment keeping an eye out for intruders. Fisher gets past them and reaches a straight pathway where he finds a small, remote drone. Fisher jumps up onto a pipe and uses his pistol to shoot the drone, disabling it. Sam sees a Drone Operator ahead, radioing in to his partners that his drone stopped working, and he's going to send another. Sam seizes the opportunity and grabs him from behind, holding a knife up to him, interrogating him for information. The Drone Operator reveals that the criminals with the hostages are just a front, their real plan is to poison the water supply in the water filtration plant, poisoning the populace. The Drone Operator tells Sam that that is all he knows, and he should let him go.[Notes 2]

Fisher proceeds along the tunnels and comes across another group of guards and a drone operator at the end of the tunnel, resurfaces and heads into the water filtration plant. In the building, Fisher notes that the Engineers in this area are more proficient, as they had cleared to plant's security efficiently. He then comes across two guards and locked double-doors, which Charlie hacked open for him.

Fisher must then quickly disable the water outflow valves in order to stop the poisoned water from entering the Chicago's canals, potentially killing millions of civilians. Objectives completed, Fisher exfiltrates with Briggs via chopper.

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  1. The player can do two things here where the hostages are being kept: The first is take out all the men around the hostages, securing them. The alternative (for the Ghost playstyle) is for the player to simply climb down the shaft leading to the sewer system (for optimal Ghost points).
  2. The player has the option to kill or spare the Drone Operator here.

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  • "We are going to get our Christmas Tree" by Tom Paxton is the catchy song that is played during the section in the open show room (that is themed with Christmas-based decorations).
  • Like the previous level, this mission includes the ability to 'kill' or 'spare' a certain character during a cutscene.
  • While entering the front of the water filtration plant, an alarm is heard which is similar to the main alarms used in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
  • Not counting Blacklist Zero, this is the first level that takes place at night; additionally, the player has access to their gadgets and such, whereas Blacklist Zero doesn't allow the player to have their equipment (being the prologue).
  • If the the player does not deal with terrorists in the hostage area and leave them alone, the hostages will be saved by the S.W.A.T. units later.
  • In the locker room, there is a sign which says "Games for Sale." The games include Assassin's Creed Revelation for PC, Just Dance 3 for PC, Rayman Origins for xbox 360, and Rocksmith for xbox 360.
  • Turning off the light switch before entering the room with the hostages would prevent the player from getting Ghost points. Instead the player will get Hostiles Evaded points for the Panther playstyle.


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