Allen Ames
Biographical information
Born New York City, New York
Citizenship American
Career information
Occupation Third Echelon Splinter Cell
Affiliations Third Echelon/ Rouge

Allen Ames was a Splinter Cell and mole inside Third Echelon. After being recruited by Kovac he agreed to help frame director Anna Grímsdóttir.


Early life Edit

Allen Ames was born and raised in New York City. When he was five years old he witnessed his family die in a house fire and was mentally scarred at the sight of his younger sister being burned to death. He had a known history of alcoholism and vandalism while growing up in New York. After high-school he went to work for the New York State Police department. After seeing how corrupt the police department had become he was offered a job with internal affairs but refused. He was later recruited for Third Echelon by Operations Director Anna Grímsdóttir.

Splinter Cell Edit

Ames was trained as a Splinter Cell by Sam Fisher and was later placed on a team led by Ben Hansen. Ames' temperament often makes him a "unique" Splinter Cell, in the sense that he usually shoots first and asks questions later. While chasing Fisher, Ames is cynical and is overly confident that the "New Generation" of Splinter Cells are capable of apprehending Sam Fisher.

Kovac Edit

Shortly after being recruited for Third Echelon Ames was contacted by Deputy Director Nicholas Kovac. Kovac explained that he had planned to push the current director of operations Anna Grímsdóttir out of office. Ames decided that he would help Kovac but had also decided that he would betray Kovac and become the Director of Operations himself.

Kovac insisted that he give reports about the teams' missions and more importantly the whereabouts of Sam Fisher. Kovac tells Ames that should the opportunity present itself that Sam Fisher was to be killed, not captured. However while the team is in Irtkursk Sam Fisher reveals the truth about Kovac, and exposes Ames as a mole. After traveling to Korfovka Hansen and Fisher interrogate Ames, by pouring gasoline on him and threatening to burn him alive, the way his family did. Ames has a breakdown and quickly gives information about Kovac.

Irtkursk - PresentEdit

After being exposed Ames flees to the auction site where he helps Charles "Chuck Zee" Zahm to prepare the arsenal for distribution to its clients. After Hansens team attacks the auction site Ames attempts to kill Fisher and stop the rest of the team. He is stopped by Fisher and Valentina and is surrounded by the rest of the team. With no other choice Ames drops a M67 frag grenade and flees. After realizing that an American Special Forces team has stormed the auction site Zahm turns on Ames, claiming that he led the team to him. The team guns down Zahms men just before Ames detonates a block of semtex, Killing Zahm, Destroying the Black market auction, and causing the lake outside to flood the facility. The team escapes the doomed auction site and assumes that Ames had drown when the facility filled with water. However, he escapes the facility unharmed and uses their misinformation to disappear and evade prosecution.He later travels to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to attend the Burning Man event. While there he holds a small informal meeting between a group of Russian and Chinese terrorists who offer him a prominent position with their organization in return for the information about the NSA that he is willing to give them. He is now presumed "on the run" as Ben Hansen and Marty Moreau are now searching for him.


Ames' personality is outgoing, cynical, and for the most part, blatant and is often led into trouble with his "don't care" attitude. He is rather short, being only 5'8" with short blond hair and is constantly ridiculed about his size. He tries to compensate for his size by making jokes and offering his cynical and often unwanted opinion about everything. He is scarred by the fact that his family was killed in a house fire and blames himself for not saving them, or at least being brave enough to die with them. He drinks a lot and is apparently unable to have a meaningfull relationship with anyone.

Trivia Edit

  • Ames is a New York Yankees fan.
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