"I think we can stop dancing around the words 'Agent Madison is dead.' Our only real question now is why, or more importantly why Nikoladze thought he could hide it from us."
Robert Blaustein confirming Madison's death in a data stick.
Alice Madison, also known as Alison Madison, (1968-2004), was a CIA special agent who (in Version 1) worked in the Georgian political arena as a mole in Kombayn Nikodaze's political cabinet. During her undercover operation, however, she was discovered to be an American spy and was killed by Kombayn Nikoladze's men, and her subdermals were removed from her corpse in Tbilisi Old Town, Georgia. CIA special agent Robert Blaustein was sent into Georgia to find her, but was also killed and his subdermals were removed by the Georgians.

In Version 2, her role is slightly different, along with special agent Robert Blaustein. In Version 2, the two agents both infiltrate a secret Georgian compound and discover a large army preparing for a large invasion outside of Georgian borders. Once the two agents attempt to leave the facility, however, they are discovered and captured where they are then killed, and their subdermals are removed.


Biography Edit

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

Version 1 (Xbox/PS3/PC) Edit

Alice Madison was transferred to Georgia in May 2002 on a CIA assignment to monitor the Georgian government. It wasn't until two months later (July) that she secures an administrative position in Chokheli's office (the Georgian Ministry of Defence).

In May 2004, a "donation" in Kombayn Nikoladze's campaign secures her a role in president Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'état. In September, she reports to the CIA of "suspicious data traffic" between Nikoladze's deputies. A day later she sends Nikoladze's encrypted files for NSA analysis, but her request was unprocessed.

On the 3rd and 4 October 2004, she misses her daily reports to Langley (CIA headquarters). Her sub-dermal implants record that her movement is reduced to less than 28 metres per day until the 5th, when the subdermals go offline.

On the 7th, Agent Robert Blaustein was sent in to find her, but disappears soon after.

SplinterCell 2013-03-09 18-17-18-28

Madison's corpse.

On 16 October, newly recruited Splinter Cell Sam Fisher finds Madison's corpse lying next to Blaustein's, both in the morgue of a Tbilisi police station. Evidently, both agents were shot. After her death, Vyacheslav Grinko had her sub-dermal implants removed on his way to the Georgian Ministry of Defense.

Version 2 (PlayStation 2/GameCube) Edit

In October 2004, Madison and Robert Blaustein infiltrate a secret Georgian military compound and discover it to be filled with a large army, presumably gathered for an impending invasion. However, they are detected and forced to escape, but are stopped by two armed helicopters, and are quickly captured. They are later executed.

Relevant HistoryEdit

Transferred to Georgia.

Secures administrative position in Georgian Secretary of Defense Chokheli's office.

"Donation" to Nikoladze's campaign secures employment in Tbilisi statehouse.

Report of "suspicious data traffic" between Nikoladze's deputies.

Paperwork submitted for the transferral of Nikoladze's encrypted files to NSA analysts. [Request as yet unprocessed].

Missed daily report to Langley.

Missed daily report to Langley.

CIA-implanted tracking subdermal motion is reduced to less than 20 metres per day.

Subdermal microchips go offline.

Status request made of contact Thomas Gurgenidze [ref: S.A. Tanahill].

Negative report from Gurgenidze.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Tom Clancy's Splinter CellEdit


  • In the manuals for both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Madison and Blaustein are said to have gone missing May 10, 2004.
  • In Version 1, Madison went missing between October 3–5 (believed to have gone missing specifically on the 3rd) and Blaustein went missing on October 7.
  • In Version 2 both went missing in October on the same date.
  • In both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, her corpse is seen in the morgue of the 4th T'Bilisi Precinct Police Station, with blood on her chest area and her scalp cut open. This is because her subdermal microchips have been removed. The blood on her chest could be from a gunshot wound as well.
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