Ali Rohani was an Iranian general of Qods Force in 2013 who was used by Fourth Echelon to infiltrate the Former American Embassy of the United States, Tehran. Fourth Echelon sought to discover if Iran was involved with the Blacklist Attacks and behind The Engineers.


2013: Blacklist AttacksEdit

Rohani been threatened by Sam Fisher

Ali Rohani being threatened by Sam Fisher at gunpoint in his personal limousine.

Following a evidence that led to Iran, Fourth Echelon found links between Iran and The Blacklist attacks, causing Sam Fisher to initiate an operation to infiltrate the ex-American embassy to find any evidence involving the participation of Iran. Following the start of the operation, Ali Rohani entered his personal vehicle. After no response from his driver, he grabs his shoulder only to find him unresponsive. Immediately after realizing this, a gun is pointed to his head and Sam Fisher enters the vehicle and sits in the seat next to him. Sam remarks that his driver is just 'taking a little nap', and tells Rohani that he needs to get him inside of the embassy. Rohani refuses, to which Sam reveals that they have a drone locked onto his home, threatening Rohani's wife and daughter.

Rohani complies, on the condition that Sam doesn't harm any of his men. The two exit the vehicle, and Sam confirms to Anna Grímsdóttir that Rohani took the bluff and that the mission is 'go'. Rohani helps Fisher get by his men by distracting them as Fisher slipped by, eventually making their way into the embassy holding area. Once inside, however, Fisher was led into a trap but was able to escape when Grim triggered a blackout. It is unknown what happened to Rohani afterwards.

Profile Edit

Ali Rohani is a loyal general to the Iranian government, and at first was shown to actually care for his wife and child's well-being by complying with Fisher after their lives were threatened. It was later found out that he was actually bluffing Fisher, leading him into a trap and revealing that he'd rather his wife and daughter be killed than to live as traitors though he was still disgusted by Sam's threat against his innocent family. Rohani is shown to be respected by his men, as well as smart enough to lead Fisher into an ambush. Rohani is loyal to the Iranian government as well as showing great hatred and disgust of Americans.

Trivia Edit

  • Rohani only appears in one mission in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Afterwards, he is only mentioned once by Charlie Cole. It isn't explicitly shown what happen to Rohani during the blackout but grunts from him can be heard when his men are shooting at Sam which may imply that he was accidentally killed in the crossfire.

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