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Alejandro Takfir was war criminal that appeared in both versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent.


2008: JBA Crisis[]

Version 1[]

Takfir had a meeting with both Massoud Ibn Yussif and Emile Dufraisne in the war-torn city of Kinshasa. During the meeting, they discussed their plans for the placement and detonation of three Red Mercury devices that were located in New York City, Mexico City and Los Angeles, which was overheard and recorded by double agent Sam Fisher. The plot was disrupted and stopped by Fisher as he was able to prevent the detonation of the devices in New York City, New York. Afterwards, Massoud was located and arrested, Takfir was presumably arrested as well.

Version 2[]

Takfir sent his men to capture a shipment of Red Mercury from arms dealer Raheem Kadir in Iceland. He later acquires a bunker that is owned by the rebel faction in Kinshasa to store and produce more Red Mercury devices. Some time after, he sold multiple Red Mercury devices to Emile Dufraisne and Massoud Ibn Yussif during a meeting in Kinshasa. The three men conspired to detonate the devices in Los Angeles and in New York City. The bunker that Takfir used to store and produce more Red Mercury devices was later sabotaged by two Splinter Cell agents, Agent One and Agent Two.


While little is revealed about Takfir's background, he is an ally of John Brown's Army and is presumed to be a right man of Massoud Ibn Yussif. He was bankrolling Massoud and Emile Dufraisne's plans to bomb three major American cities using the Red Mercury devices.


  • Takfir owns a hotel in Kinshasa, Democatic Republic of Congo. Despite crude appearance and being damaged by firefight, he has a meeting room with a lot of advanced security measures.
  • He was presumably allied with the rebels that fought the government troops.
  • His appearance is different in both versions of the game, version 2 depicts him as being older and having facial hair.