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Abbatoir is the eighth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Third Echelon sends in Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to rescue the captured United States soldiers being held captive inside Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats, while also locating Chinese dignitaries and stopping the live broadcasts of the American soldiers' deaths.


Rescue the captured US troops.

In a desperate act of defiance against the US, Nikoladze arranges the immediate, live web-cast executions of the captured US soldiers. Vyacheslav Grinko will direct the soldiers' deaths. The executions must be prevented to preserve any hope of stabilizing political relations with the Chinese.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Access the antenna on the abattoir roof and destroy its broadcast ability.
  • Locate the captured American soldiers and Chinese dignitaries.
  • Protect the U.S. soldiers and Chinese dignitaries.
  • Kill Grinko.

Notes Edit

  • Landmines can be detected using thermal goggles.
  • Proof of Kong Feirong's disloyalty to the Chinese Government is stored on his computer.

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Mission OverviewEdit


Sam infiltrates the facility from the rooftop.

Sam Fisher infiltrated the meat-processing facility through the courtyard, sneaking past the various patrols as he made his way to the processing plant. The main courtyard was covered in land mines that were invisible to the naked eye unless viewed in Thermal vision mode. Fisher made his way through the landmines and eventually made his way up to the roof, which was covered in skylights right above the execution hall. Fisher made his way across the roof and found the antenna which the broadcast would be sent, and promptly deactivated it. With the broadcast disrupted, the Georgians panicked and immediately suspected the Americans of having attacked. Grinko ordered Nikoladze to be evacuated, and prepared for an assault on the Americans. Having bought himself some time, Fisher continued towards the prisoners.

Fisher continued through the halls and rooms of the facility and was tasked with stopping the execution squad that made their way to the American prisoners. Fisher was able to neutralize the squad before they reached their captives and worked his way through the freezer areas and into the cattle pens on the lower level.


Sam meets the American Soldiers.

Sam made his way deep into the facility where he was able to find the captured soldiers. Fisher discovered that the Chinese dignitaries from the embassy were also being held there, among them being Ambassador Long Dan. Long Dan reveals to Fisher that General Feirong didn't represent China's interests, and was only the leader of a splinter faction of the People's Republic Army, that was actively engaging in a weapons trade with Nikoladze. If war was to be prevented, Fisher would have to retrieve the evidence from Feirong's computer in what used to be Long Dan's office, as the embassy had been illegally seized by Feirong.


After this short conversation, Grinko caught on to Fisher's presence and ordered all of his men to kill the American and the Chinese prisoners in the pens. Fisher was able to deal with the mercenaries as they tried to breach through the room and kill the prisoners. Eventually, Grinko made his way down to deal with Fisher personally, but was killed by Fisher. With Grinko dead, his surviving men panicked and retreated, effectively halting the executions. Fisher then returned to the Chinese Embassy to expose Feirong's treachery.

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The rescue of the US troops and Chinese dignitaries has momentarily stabilized faltering relations. The Chinese dignitaries claim that Feirong represents only a splinter faction of the PLA, operating without the knowledge of greater China. Proof that Feirong has gone renegade could prevent an impending war.


  • The events at Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats were foreshadowed at the CIA Offices, where two CIA agents were analyzing one of Nikoladze's propaganda broadcasts. One of them claimed to hear a cow and the other one claimed to hear a chain rattling in the background.
  • "Abattoir" is from the French word abattre meaning slaughterhouse.
  • In the cattle pens, all of the cows are found riddled with bullets and stabbed with pitchforks, evidently slaughtered by the Georgians.
  • Although a cutscene in the game shows seven soldiers being held captive, only three soldiers appear in the abattoir mission. This was likely done to avoid having too many NPC's in one place, or may have simply been an oversight by Ubisoft Montreal.
  • It is possible to non-lethally knock out the enemy squad at the last section, including Grinko. Knocking out Grinko, however, has no effect on the story and the radio messages from Grinko's men will still claim that "Grinko is dead!"
    • Additionally, it is possible to grab Grinko from behind and use him as a human shield, but there is no interrogation option.
    • Grinko is equipped with an AK-47 and will usually stay behind the outer hallway outside of the cattle pen area the hostages are being held at. Darkness has no affect on his aim and the player cannot hide from him in the dark. Additionally, if there's a clear shot, he may step out of the hallway a bit for a better angle on the player.
    • While being a central antagonist in the game, Grinko has the same health and statistics as a traditional enemy guard. The player can kill him instantly with a headshot or hit him with non-lethal gadget, such as a sticky shocker, to knock him out.
  • This level contains the most amount of Automated Turrets in one level in all of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.
  • The roof where the antennae is located has a lot of thin metal sheets on top, creating a lot of noise if the player walks on it. If they create noise once, one of the guards will dismiss it as possibly a rat. A second time, however, prompts them to state that it isn't a rat and will promptly investigate. There is a chance that an alarm may be triggered as well.
  • Although there are a group of guards that are supposed to head to the cattle pens to execute the American soldiers, they will not move from their position or head to where the player is supposed to go.



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