Abandoned Mill is the sixth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Following a lead from the SMI that various members of The Engineers are rendezvousing at a vacated mill in London, Fourth Echelon decides to infiltrate the meeting location in order to discover The Engineers' next plan.

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With Fourth Echelon trying to figure out their next move, they find that the SMI lights up with various communication updates from various members of The Engineers planning to converge at an abandoned mill in London. Sam Fisher tells the Fourth Echelon team that they are going to infiltrate the mill to find out what Majid Sadiq's next move is, and stop it. Fisher orders Isaac Briggs to get his equipment ready and provide sniper support when on the ground, as he infiltrates the mill.

Sam arrives near the docks near the mill, where a lone Engineer hostile patrols the immediate area. Isaac Briggs, with his sniper rifle ready, fires a round into the hostile's head, prompting his head to buckle back and slowly fall back. Fisher quickly surfaces from the water and catches the back of the hostile, and slowly slides his corpse into the river. Fisher commends Briggs on his sniping skills and continues on with the mission, looking towards the outlying building as lightning brightens the environment. Fisher moves into the area, dealing with the outlying Guard dogs and hostile Sniper as he begins to climb the side of the mill building. As Fisher climbs up the side of the building on an old pipe, it snaps and causes him to hang from the building a few feet. An Engineer Sniper notices Sam, and points his gun at his direction, but is neutralized by a round from Briggs' sniper rifle. Sam thanks Briggs and quickly climbs up onto the rooftop before he is spotted by another guard.

On the top of the rooftop were numerous guards patrolling the wet urban surface as Sam navigated through the immediate area.

Trivia Edit

  • This mission is the first 'rainy' level in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • Isaac Briggs appears as an AI partner during the final section of this level.


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