"The AKS-74U offers high damage, but sacrifices some accuracy in return."
― -in-game description.[1]

The AKS-74U, a shortened variant of the AK-74, is a fully-automatic carbine, meant to be both a submachine gun and assault rifle. The weapon is light but uses 5.45mm rifle ammunition, it has good stopping power but the accuracy is hampered by its immense recoil.


The AKS-74U is designed to take both features from an assault rifle and a submachine gun, into one compact rifle. With a compact feature, the AKS-74U can be used for mid-range combat, all the while having the compact design of engaging close-range targets; the high damage output of the AKS-74U, however, reduces, the accuracy of the weapon.

Splinter Cell: ConvictionEdit

The AKS-74U is available for use by the player after playing the cooperative campaign mode. It is very common among enemies in the cooperative campaign and zone 2 to zone 4 in Deniable Ops, and you can find them in Iraq flashback mission in solo campaign. Notable for its powerful damage property but rather low range and moderate accuracy.

Upgrade P.E.C. Points
Reflex sight 400 points
Laser sight 250 points
Hollow Point Ammo

250 points


  • Despite the AKS-74U is considered a submachine gun in-game, in real life it is considered a carbine.


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