SCC 3E Urban Tracker

Third Echelon's C1C9 Casual Concealment Suit.

"Third Echelon's C1C9 Casual Concealment Suit. Used by Third Echelon field operatives to track targets in urban settings."
― in-game description[src]

Third Echelon's C1C9 Casual Concealment Suit, better known as the 3E Urban Tracker was a uniform in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.



Whereas most of the uniforms ingame have camoflauges that change the suit's colors, textures, or both, the camoflauges that the 3E Urban tracker uses are not camoflauges at all but different styles of pants and shirts, being true to its full name as casual attire, and each variation consists of various designs for the shirts as well. 

  • Default Variation: A Brownish-Green shirt sporting a double headed eagle. Comes with Brown pants.
  • Variation 1: A Black Shirt with a Red hand at the bottom left of the torso. Comes with Gray pants.
  • Variation 2: A Lighter Green shirt having a Tire-Track design on the left Torso. Comes with Gray-White Pants.
  • Variation 3: A very light, sandy Dirt Brown with a clenched fist at the center pointing upwards with a Red Stamp design at the bottom of the fist's wrist. Comes with light Blue pants.
  • Variation 4: A Gray shirt sporting a Red star with a skull ontop of it at the chest area. Comes with Gray pants.
  • Variation 5: A Blue Jersey with Yellow Trim that has a logo at the upper left torso and a number and name at the back. Comes with White pants.

Sonar GogglesEdit

The Sonar Goggles used in this uniform sport the same colors from the Goggles used with the Classified uniform, except the Black and White colors of the Sonar Goggles from the Classified uniform switch places.


This uniform can be modified with up to three pieces of non-standard equipment to better improve operational capability.

Changes in AppearanceEdit

Armor Upgrades

  • Level 1: White Kneepad added to the left leg.
  • Level 2: Two Elbow pads on both arms.
  • Level 3: Assault Vest.

Ammo Upgrades

  • Level 1: Harness with two pouches on the upper right torso.
  • Level 2: Harness only. Using this with Armor Upgrade 3 however adds two Ammo Pouches to the bottom right of the back of the suit.
  • Level 3: Ammo Strap on the left leg.

Equipment Upgrades

  • Level 1: Harness with two pouches on the upper left torso.
  • Level 2: Harness only. However, Two Flash Grenades are added at the back of the pants that are held by the belt.
  • Level 3: Equipment Strap on the left leg.


  • The 3E Urban Tracker has what appears to be an extensional protector on the right arm, but is actually in fact an arm strap with an identification card in a low resolution texture. Taking a closer look at the strap shows a picture of an individual faintly resembling either Andriy Kobin or Archer, with the rest of the card being indistinguishable.
  • The double-headed eagle on the front side of the shirt is part of the Imperial Austrian coat of arms, used by the Habsburg dynasty in the 19th century. A similar symbol is used by Voron, the agency that Kestrel was a part of.
  • By equipping Armor Upgrade Type 3 and Equipment Upgrade Type 2 with Camouflauge Variation 1, this gives the 3E Urban Tracker somewhat of a resemblance to the Mk V Tac Suit's Urban/JBA configuration that Sam Fisher used in the events of Double Agent. A third Upgrade can be equipped to compliment the two Upgrades, if desired.

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