SCC 3E Elite

Third Echelon's Elite Special Ops Suit.

Third Echelon's Elite Special Ops Suit (also known as the 3E Elite) is a uniform used by Third Echelon's elite field operatives


"Third Echelon's Elite Special Ops Suit. Used by Third Echelon elite field operatives for both covert and assault operations."
Splinter Cell: Conviction


The following three upgrades are available for the 3E Elite:

Armor UpgradeEdit

Extra armor upgrades offer a stronger overall armor value.

Armor value 0-1-2-3

Ammo UpgradeEdit

Ammo pouches upgrades increase your magazine capacity.

Extra magazines 0-1-2-3

Gadget UpgradeEdit

Gadget pouches upgrades increase your gadget capacity.

Extra gadgets 0-1-2-3


  • While not appearing in the single player campaign, a similar model was seen in use by Third Echelon operatives in a cinematic trailer for Conviction.[1]
  • It is one of the three Deniable Ops uniforms in Conviction that does not visually change when adding equipment to it; the others being the two default uniforms.
  • The Sonar Goggles lenses of this uniform will remain red, regardless of whether Archer or Kestrel use it. This is the only uniform in Conviction to do so.
  • The 3E Elite looks very similar to (most likely inspired by) Crye Associates Future Force Warrior 2020 suit.


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