Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Digging in the AshesEdit

  • Sam Fisher has received information about the death of his daughter Sarah. He contacts Ruslan Lupul, who agrees to turn over information if Fisher steals from Nexegen Technologies.
  • Lupul betrays him, but Fisher escapes NT's guards and confronts Lupul. Lupul is then killed by NT employees and Fisher escapes.
  • One day later, Fisher is in Malta and is agrees to turn over Lupul's laptop.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionEdit

Conviction Co-OpEdit

  • Third Echelon learns that a rogue element within the Russian military has obtained a small number of advanced warheads and is preparing to sell them on the black market. Third Echelon share this information with the Russian government, who are determined to prevent the sale at all costs.
  • Andriy Kobin, a Third Echelon asset with contacts in the black market, identifies a Russian gangster named Valentin Lesovsky as the broker for the sale.
  • Third Echelon Splinter Cell Archer and Voron field operative Kestrel are sent to terminate Lesovsky and his associate, Boris Sychev, and to obtain Lesovsky's contact list so Third Echelon can determine who he's working with inside the Russian military.
  • According to information obtained from Lesovsky's contact list, the front man for the cabal is a former GRU colonel named Leonid Bykhov. It is suspected that the network he represents is run by some of the highest ranking officers in the Russian Army.
  • Archer and Kestrel are inserted into the embassy to gather intel on Bykhov's activities.
    • The two agents are inserted into Mozdok to recover EMPs with the help of an arms dealer named Andriy Kobin. They recover the EMPs, but they are ordered to eliminate each other. Kestrel mortally wounds Archer, but is then shot and put into a coma by Kobin.
    • Kestrel is then taken by Voron and used as an intelligence source when he is revived from his coma.

10 days later (EMP Attack on Washington)Edit

  • After hearing a rumor from Victor Coste that a man named Andriy Kobin knew Sam Fisher with Grim's help, learns that his daughter is alive. He tracks him down to Malta and captures him, but is subdued by a force of Splinter Cells.
  • He escapes from Black Arrow's Price Airfield after Grimm frees him and tells him that his daughter is alive and that she is working with President Patricia Caldwell to uncover a conspiracy.
  • He then interrogates Lucius Galliard at the Lincoln Memorial, only for someone to assassinate the businessman.
  • Fisher then frees scientists from White Box Laboratories.
  • He then meets with Coste at the Washington Monument and must escape capture after a faked gas leak.
  • Fisher then infiltrates the Third Echelon Headquarters. Grimm shows him a recording of Lambert, and Fisher escapes before Director Reed activates the self-destruct.
  • Fisher then fights at the Michigan Reservoir to disable one of the EMPs. They succeed, but two still go off, causing chaos.
    • Director Reed and Third Echelon capture the President.
  • Fisher goes to the White House and is captured by Grimm in order to get close to Reed. He rescues the President, and Grimm summarily executes Director Reed.
  • The events of the Third Echelon Conspiracy ends.
  • Coste is rescued from Black Arrow by Fisher.


  • Patricia Caldwell is re-elected due to her response to the EMP attack.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: EchoesEdit

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

  • The Engineers are formed by twelve countries to end America's foreign influence.
  • They initiate an attack against the Andersen Air Base in Guam.
    • Coste is critically wounded.
  • Third Echelon was shut down by President Patricia Caldwell in response to its part in the attack on Washington, D.C..
  • Fourth Echelon is formed with Sam Fisher as the commander with the C-147B Paladin as their base of operations.
  • Their first mission is to Libya to rescue an informant from the CIA safehouse: Andriy Kobin.
  • His information leads them to a training camp in Iraq. Concurrent raids by US Navy SEALs are repulsed.
  • Fisher thwarts the Blacklist attack in Chicago.
  • They then visit Reza Nouri in Paraguay and save him from a hit squad.
  • His information leads them to an Engineer post in England. They discover that the site is preparing nerve gas attacks.
    • Briggs is relieved from duty after failing to subdue Majid Sadiq.
  • Fisher infiltrates the Iranian Quds Force HQ and recovers information clearing Iran of involvement in the Blacklist attacks.
  • They return home in time to stop the nerve gas attack in Philadelphia.
  • Fisher infiltrates Guantanamo Bay and interrogates Nouri.
    • At the rendezvous point in Mexico the team is attacked.
    • Sadiq orders their plane hit by a virus attack, but the team is able to restore power.
  • They arrive in Louisiana in time to stop further LNG facility attacks.
    • The President orders them to stand down, but Fisher uses his Fifth Freedom to proceed.
  • 4E stop Sadiq's plan to steal information from the government at Site F in Denver.


Blacklist co-opEdit

  • Fourth Echelon investigates a smuggler's compound.
  • They thwart Voron's attempt to steal nuclear missiles from a Bangalore missile plant.
  • They then infiltrate a Voron Station in Bangladesh.
  • They rescue Kestrel from an abandoned pysch hospital; he later recovers and is set free.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist AftermathEdit

  • Sometime prior to February 2014, Fourth Echelon is assigned to investigate the theft of 100 pounds of nuclear material in Russia.
  • Fisher's search leads him to Bolivia, but his target, Hamed Rahmani, dies in a crash.
  • They are then assigned to find the Russian inventor Igor Kasperov.
  • Fisher and his team stop the oligarch's plot to destroy a Saudi Arabian oil refinery.

2019 Edit

Operation Watchman Edit

  • Fisher is deployed to Bolivia in order to recover sensitive intelligence data from a rogue CIA officer.
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