• Regan Burns dies of ovarian cancer.[1]

February 1Edit

  • The first traceable payment from Kombayn Nikoladze to the bank account of Albert Wentworth (alias of Vyacheslav Grinko).


January 3Edit

  • Varlam Cristavi secures a position as Minister on President Kombayn Nikoladze's Cabinet, representing the district of Marneulis.

January 22Edit

  • The NSA experiences its first system-wide crash when the immense volume of high-tech communications technology combined with the accelerated pace of developing technology and encryption overwhelms Second Echelon.

February 3 – September 7Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton consults NSA on reconstructuring network in wake of January 22nd crash.

April 1Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton enters "Civilian Boot Camp" program at MCRO Paris Island, South Carolina.

September 8Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton becomes a full-time employee of the NSA, Technical Consultant for Inter-Agency Liaison.

September 10Edit

  • Denis Galtsev (alias of Vyacheslav Grinko) receives 200 shares of Nikoladze's GFO Inc.

September 12Edit

  • Varlam Cristavi begins selling information regarding Kombayn Nikoladze's oil policies to CIA Agent David Tanahill. Information drops continue irregularly, at a frequency of two-to-ten weeks.

September 21Edit

  • Philip Masse's second attempt to breach the CIA internal network.

October 11Edit

  • Douglas Shetland involved in Operation SAND GLASS in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

October 16Edit

  • A man under Douglas Shetland's command mistakenly shoots U.S. soldier Kelly Lewis in Bagram, Afghanistan. In the media furor following the "Bagram Incident", Shetland is removed from the field.

November 1Edit

  • Monthly payments made from Kombayn Nikoladze to the bank account of Albert Wentworth cease when Vyacheslav Grinko assumes a new alias.

November 7Edit

  • Second failed CIA assassination attempt on Sadono.


February 3 – April 15Edit

  • Bagram incident trial. Douglas Shetland is found not guilty of all charges. Promoted to a 5-star desk job just shy of civilian work.


  • East Timor is born a democracy.

May 2Edit

  • Ingrid Karlthson is assigned to the U.S. embassy to East Timor in Dili.

May 5Edit

  • Alice Madison is transferred to Georgia.

July 3Edit

  • Douglas Shetland leaves the United States Marine Corps.

July 7Edit

  • Alice Madison secures administrative position in Georgian Secretary of Defense Chokheli's office.


  • Mitchell Dougherty is ticketed for "Recklessly Slow Driving" in Cheverly, MD.

November 17Edit

  • Douglas Shetland is awarded over $700,000 in damages from counter-lawsuit to the Bagram Incident.

December 9Edit

  • Philip Masse receives first paycheck from Nikoladze's GFO Inc., continuing bi-weekly.


  • The NSA creates Third Echelon.
  • Checkmate begins.
    • The Zhao attempts to poison several American cities using radioactive fuel rods from Chernobyl (Sam Fisher is sent into stop it).[2]

January 3Edit

February 29Edit

  • François Coldeboeuf is arrested for invasion of privacy, the charges are later dropped.

March 28Edit

  • Conjecture that Philip Masse was the one responsible for the release of the "U.S. gAy" virus.


  • The President of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is assassinated by Abkhazian separatists. Industrialist Kombayn Nikoladze seizes power and installs a "pro-Western" regime.
  • The former Soviet Republic of Georgia sees an economic revival.
  • Sam Fisher is called back into active service and recruited by Irving Lambert into Third Echelon to spearhead the "Splinter Cell" program.
  • U.S. Vice President Lee Wendell visits the former Soviet Republic of Georgian on a goodwill mission.
    • The Georgian Information Crisis begins.
    • Third Echelon uncovers evidence of an illegal Georgian invasion of Azerbaijan. NATO declares war on Georgia.
    • Georgia initiates information warfare attacks on major military and civilian targets across the U.S. Dozens of Americans die in the carnage.
    • Third Echelon field runner Vernon Wilkes, Jr. is killed on assignment.
    • Sam Fisher discovers the existence of a splinter faction of the People's Republic Army (PLA) of China led by General Kong Feirong that is supporting President Nikoladze.
    • Sam Fisher kills Russian terrorist Vyacheslav Grinko during the latter's failed attempt to execute captured American soldiers.
    • Sam Fisher assassinates Kombayn Nikoladze at the Georgian Presidential Palace.
  • The Georgian Information Crisis ends.
  • Anna Grímsdóttir goes on psych leave. Carly St. John becomes acting technical director in her absence.

April 30Edit

  • Armen Trofimov (alias of Vyacheslav Grinko) desposits $150,000 (U.S.) in a Swiss account.
  • Marvin Kurzweil (alias of Philip Masse) desposits USD 80,000 in a bank account off the Cayman Islands.

May 4Edit

  • Enrica Villablanca is involved in "monkeywrenching" incident at Highsen & Block chemical plant in Allachua, Florida, in which a security guard was killed and she went underground as a result. (Version 1 of Double Agent.)

August 7 Edit

  • At 06:01 Hours Sam Fisher begins his training CIA Training Farm, Camp Peary, Virginia.
  • Sam completes his training and is formerly introduced to the NSA.

October 7Edit

  • Robert Blaustein arrives in T'Bilisi to begin investigation of Agent's Madison's disappearance.

October 8Edit

  • First contact between Robert Blaustein and Thomas Gurgenidze.
  • Negative report on CIA Agent Alice Madison.

October 10Edit

  • Report of possible security breach at Robert Blaustein's base of operations.

October 11Edit

  • Robert Blaustein misses daily report to Langley.
  • Blaustein's CIA-implanted tracking subdermal motion is reduced to less than 10 meters per day.

October 16 Edit

  • At 20:01 Hours Sam arrives in T'bilisi, Georgia to locate CIA agents Blaustein and Madison.
  • At 23:01 Hours Sam infiltrates the Georgian Defence Ministry to follow leads on Vyacheslav Grinko, whom was involved with the deaths of the two CIA agents.

October 20Edit

  • After two days of near-anarchy in the Georgian government, Varlam Cristavi assumes power, promising to hold elections within a month.

October 25Edit

  • Displace International spearheads Operation RIVER DOG in Akhalts'ikhe, Georgia with zero American casualties, six Georgian casualties and a Georgian airfield and eleven aircraft captured.

October 27 Edit

  • At 09:28 Hours Sam arrives at a GFO Oil Rig in Georgian Waters to retrieve critical information related to the Georgian Information Crisis. The oil rig is attacked by US forces as Sam tracks a technician holding the information.

October 29Edit

  • Seven former Ministers from Nikoladze's Cabinet opposed to Cristavi's rule vanish.
    • Conjecture that the CIA had a heavy hand in the disappearance of those seven ministers.

October 30 Edit

  • A cyber attack hits the USA crippling the nations critical infrastructure.


January 19Edit

  • Sam Fisher kills Philip Masse in an abandoned factory outside Severomorsk in Russia.

January 26Edit

  • Fisher neutralizes a Georgian cell at Vselka.

November 1Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton's security clearance is maximized.

November 2Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton is promoted to Inter-Agency Liaison for Third Echelon.


  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda.
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
  • The U.S. installs a temporary military base on East Timor to train the developing defense of the "world's youngest democracy." Resistance to the U.S. military base in Southeast Asia is widespread and passionate, but the threat Indonesian militias pose to Timorese democracy is deemed sufficient justification. At the same time, the U.S. doesn't mind having an excuse to install active military personnel within easy reach of both North Korea and the largest Muslim population in Asia.
  • Springfield Demonstration; American/Indonesian terrorists unleash the smallpox virus in Springfield, Texas.
  • Enrica Villablanca surfaces as a member of the JBA in 2006.

March 28Edit

  • Anti U.S. resentment comes to a head under the leadership of guerilla militia leader Suhadi Sadono, acting with the unofficial support of major corrupt factions of the Indonesian government. Suhadi's men attack and occup the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, taking dozens of civilian and military personnel hostage.
  • Indonesian Crisis begins.
    • The U.S. military moves into East Timor following an attack on the U.S. Embassy to Dili by the Darah Dan Doa.
    • Sam Fisher rescues Douglas Shetland again from hostage takers in the U.S. Embassy in East Timor.

March 30Edit

April 2Edit

April 3 Edit

  • News reports Indonesian guerrillas retreat from the fighting.

April 5Edit

  • Fisher is assigned to Jerusalem with the cooperation of Shin Bet to recover Smallpox samples.
    • Dahlia Tal is killed by Sam Fisher for double-crossing Third Echelon.

April 12Edit

  • Fisher is assigned to a Refinery in Indonesia to trace Sadano's calls.

April 18Edit

  • Fisher is assigned to Komodo Shipyard to trace an encrypted relay in a submarine.

April 19 Edit

  • Shadownet spies are deployed across America to stop the ND133.

April 20Edit

  • Fisher is sent into Jakarta and captures Suhadi Sadono at a TV station.
  • The Indonesian Crisis ends.

April 23Edit

  • LAX Airport Incident: American terrorist Norman Soth is killed by Sam Fisher during his failed attempt to unleash the smallpox virus in LAX. *The last smallpox-armed ND133 is destroyed by the Los Angeles Police Department Bomb Squad.

August 3Edit

  • Fisher is sent to a Steel Factory in Warsaw, Indiana to investigate a shipment of weapons stolen from the NSA.
  • Agent Frasier is identified as a double agent and is captured (or killed) by Fisher.


June 18Edit

  • North Korean and Chinese forces blockade and board a Japanese cargo ship in the Yellow Sea.

June 19Edit

  • The North Korean government releases no official statements and their ambassador remains out of contact.
  • While at the UN, Chinese Ambassador Long Dan urges the U.S. and her longtime Japanese allies to remain calm, calling the blockades "a legitimate response to what the rest of Asia views as a possible remilitarization of Japan."
  • In the eyes of many in Asia, the I-SDF itself is a violation of the Postwar Constitution prohibiting Japan from maintaining a military force capable of striking beyond its borders. In Asia, the memories of Imperial Japan are still fresh.
  • The National Security Council orders the USS Clarence E. Walsh to close at flank speed while working on a formal response.

June 20Edit

  • Admiral Toshiro Otomo, head of Japan's newly formed Information Self-Defense Force, had this to say: "This is an another distressing attempt by China and North Korea to further depress our faltering economy. The I-SDF and Japan appeal to our allies for the military support promised us under the postwar constitution of nineteen hundred and forty-seven."

June 23Edit

  • Sam Fisher is assigned to Peru to find American computer engineer Bruce Morgenholt, who has been kidnapped by a Peruvian separatist group known as the People's Voice lead by Hugo Lacerda.
  • Sam discovers the body of Morgenholt who has torture to death by the People's Voice.
  • Sam his also tasked with eliminating Hugo Lacerda as a target of opportunity.

June 24Edit

  • The body of kidnapped engineer Bruce Morgenholt is discovered in a village in Peru this morning. Implicated in the kidnapping and failed ransom attempt is Hugo Lacerda, alleged leader of the "People's Voice", a newly-formed guerrilla organization.
  • Guerrilla leader Hugo Lacerda is assassinated by Sam Fisher aboard the Maria Narcissa.

June 25Edit

  • The USS Clarence E. Walsh is en-route to the Yellow Sea for her first assignment, amid rising tensions in the region.

June 28Edit

  • Sam Fisher is assigned to investigate the MCAS Banco de Panama for information regarding Lacerda's arms smuggling operation.
  • Third Echelon send newly recruited splinter cell agents to the Panamanian Canal Administration Building. Acting on information newly discovered by Sam at the Panamanian bank, they are tasked to search for evidence of Vice President Segundo Ruiz de Medeiros's illegal activities.

June 29Edit

  • USA East Coast and Japan are hit by a blackout.

June 30Edit

  • Fisher infiltrates a Penthouse in Manhattan to discover who Dvorak is.
  • He then infiltrates Displace International to find the link between the PMC and Lacerda.

July 4Edit

  • Sam is in Hokkaido drinking at the Sanjuro hotel and watches the USS Walsh attack unfold on live TV. Douglas invites Sam to work for his company Displace.
  • The USS Walsh is attacked and destroyed in a missile attack engineered by Displace International. North Korea becomes the scapegoat as the missile originated from their nation.
  • Douglas Shetland murders Abrahim Zherkezhi to prevent him from confessing about the origin of the crisis.
  • The East Asian Crisis begins; North Korea invades South Korea; the U.S. rushes to South Korea's defense.

July 6Edit

  • Fisher infiltrates the launch site of the Super Silkworm Missile and discovers that it had been hacked. He also disables another missile threatening the USS Ronald Reagan.

July 8Edit

  • Fisher is assigned to Seoul on an intelligence-gathering mission.

July 10Edit

  • Displace International is identified as the major instigator of the crisis. Sam Fisher exposes the I-SDF as Displace's major accomplice.
  • Douglas Shetland is killed by Sam Fisher in a bathhouse in Tokyo.

July 11Edit

  • Admiral Toshiro Otomo, head of the I-SDF, is thwarted in his attempt to re-militarize Japan and subsequently captured by Sam Fisher. He accepts full responsibility for the crisis before the Hague, ending the East Asian Crisis and the Three-Block War.
  • Stanley Dayton joins the JBA. (Version 1 of Double Agent.)

September 3Edit

  • Sam Fisher averts a nuclear missile launch in Iceland by Islamic terrorists. (Version 1 of Double Agent.)
  • Sarah Fisher is involved in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver in Evanston, Illinois and dies at Brady Memorial Hospital in Chicago.[4][5] (Version 1 of Double Agent.)

September 15Edit

  • Sam Fisher participates in Third Echelon's experimental hallucinogenic/drug resistance testing program. (Version 2 of Double Agent.)

October 15Edit

  • Sam Fisher covertly rescues his daughter and her friends (one of them, the daughter of a high-level diplomat) after they are kidnapped in Washington, D.C. (Version 2 of Double Agent.)


January 4Edit

  • Double Agent (Version 2 of Double Agent)
    • Sam and Hisham are sent to Iceland to investigate a foundry suspected of manufacturing weapons.
    • Sam receives news that is daughter Sarah Fisher has killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver.

February 1Edit

  • Sam and Jamie escape from Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary during a prison riot. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

February 2Edit

  • Now part of the JBA, Fisher conducts intelligence-gathering operations. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

February 5Edit

  • Fisher is involved in the capture of the RSS Rublev. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

February 6Edit

February 22Edit

  • Fisher then spys on the JBA HQ. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

February 27Edit

February 28Edit

  • Fisher then spys on the JBA. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

March 1Edit

  • The JBA and their allies meet in Kinshasa. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

March 6Edit

  • Jamie Washington finds Irving Lambert inside the JBA compound. Lambert is captured and tortured by the JBA. Sam is ordered by Emile to shoot him and he reluctantly does so, under Jamie's supervision. (Version 1 of Double Agent)
  • He betrays the JBA and prevents the detonation of the Red Mercury Device in New York, but must escape capture by the police. (Version 1 of Double Agent)

November 16Edit

  • Sam and Jamie escape from Ellsworth Prison during a prison riot. (Version 2 of Double Agent)
  • Jamie introduces Sam to John Brown's Army (JBA) and he is recruited as a member.

November 17Edit

  • (Version 2 of Double Agent)
    • Agent One & Two are sent to Kinshasa to investigate a chemical bunker.

November 20Edit

November 31Edit

  • The JBA robs a subway in the New York Underground. (Version 2 of Double Agent)

December 11Edit

December 14Edit

  • The JBA heads to the sea of Okhotsk to secure an oil tanker. (Version 2 of Double Agent)

December 16Edit

  • The JBA and their allies meet in Kinshasa. (Version 2 of Double Agent)

December 19Edit

  • Fisher gathers more intelligence at the JBA HQ as they ship out their Red Mercury devices. He must decide whether to save or reveal Irving Lambert's cover. (Version 2 of Double Agent)

December 20Edit

  • The JBA deploy their Red Mercury to New York. Fisher reveals himself as a Third Echelon mole and executes the JBA leadership.
  • Enrica Villablanca is killed by a Splinter Cell agent. (Version 2 of Double Agent)

December 21Edit

  • Sam Fisher contacts Lawrence Williams and explains the events of the JBA crisis. (Version 2 of Double Agent)


January 3Edit

  • Sam is captured by the NSA while visiting his daughter's gravesite at Elysian Fields Cemetery in Washington, D.C.
  • Fisher is interrogated by Agent Williams.

January 12Edit

  • Sam escapes from Fort Meade with a CD containing Lambert's encrypted files and goes underground.


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