February 18Edit


February 18Edit

  • First CIA contact with Norman Soth, he is approached by Agency Operative Kopple as a potential asset for Operation RED BEARD.

May 24Edit

  • Douglas Shetland graduates Alabama State University with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.

August 28Edit

September 22Edit


June 1Edit

  • Douglas Shetland leaves West Point.

June 21Edit

  • Douglas Shetland begins his career as a U.S. Marine.

August 7Edit


  • This is approximately the year that Sam Fisher first meets Irving Lambert, having first worked within the Army's Delta Force.[1]

June 6Edit

  • Norman Soth applies for Indonesian citizenship.

July 5Edit

  • Norman Soth enters CIA payroll.


  • Sam Fisher meets Regan Burns while in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic and impregnates her. They later marry after learning about the pregnancy.[2]

August 11Edit

  • Dahlia Tal is in the Israeli Nahal (Pioneer Fighting Youth).


May 31Edit

June 3Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton receives a Masters degree in Computational Linguistics from Harvard.


August 11Edit

  • Dahlia Tal is in the Israeli Defence Force from now until March 8, 1996.

December 5Edit

  • Suhadi Sadono joins the Cireban street gang that would eventually become the Darah Dan Doa.

December 27Edit

  • The first recorded terrorist action linked to Suhadi Sadono, a CIA-funded car bombing aimed at Timorese dissidents.


September 27Edit

  • Conjecture that Vyacheslav Grinko assassinated Bkhtiyer Farokh in Afghanistan.


  • Sam Fisher and Regan Burns divorce (having only been married for a little over three years).
  • Regan retains primary custody of Sarah Fisher, changing her name to "Sarah Burns".

August 22Edit

  • Dermot P. Brunton publishes thesis, "Applied Cryptography and the Future of Privacy" in quarterly American mathematician.


  • Sam Fisher is part of a CIA raiding team that raids the MCAS Banco de Panama in Panama City, Panama during the conflict to search for some of Noriega's drug money.
  • Sam Fisher spends most of the rest of the year "sleeping in a ditch on the road between Baghdad and Kuwait".[3]
  • Anna Grímsdóttir is in the tenth grade.[3]


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    Grímsdóttir: "Yeah… judging from your report… sounds like it was quite a vacation…"
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