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• 2/17/2018

How to beat Sadiq site F

I can't beat the game because when he attacks me toward the end I first hit 'E' to 'Grab' then when prompted I hit 'Mash' he kills me every time, I've tried various combinations of press once, press and hold, press repeatedly, nothing works, please help, I really love this game but it's so frustrating
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• 1/20/2018

Splinter Cell Japanese Dub

i'm got some interesting japanese dub
Splinter Cell Blacklist first mission Japanese
Splinter Cell Blacklist first mission Japanese YouTube
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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/9/2016

New Splinter Cell game to be announced at E3 2016?

There's Splinter Cell: Aftermath among the list.
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• 5/31/2016

Sam Fisher's Biography

Okay, it's safe to say that UbiSoft keeping Sam Fisher "forever young" messes with the potential timeline, but I'm trying to wrap my head around some of the dates.  I don't have the full timeline I worked up here, but here's some basics....
Honorably discharged in 1996 from US Navy.  Aside from the old "Splinter Cell Bible" saying he was enlisted rank and now they say he was an officer, that it's later said that Sam was "recently retired" in 2004.  Now, presuming Sam has a military pension, that should mean 20 years of service (1976).  Born 1957, that would make him 19 when he joined, BUT if he finished the US Naval Academy, he would really be around 22 (presuming 4 years of post high school education).  Perhaps military people (particularly officers) can qualify for an "early retirement" at less than 20 years, but it's also possible "retired" means he just chose to stop being in the Navy.
Still, what's really hard to figure out is that if Sam was supposed to be a Navy Seal, that's 6 years of his life that's hard to account for...especially since it seems like he was doing field work for the CIA before the documented time he has as a SEAL.  There's nothing saying he couldn't have done both...I believe military personal specializing in certain fields (particularly intelligence) get pulled into work for the alphabet agencies, but as a SEAL is constantly having to recertify in many areas of their training, I find it hard to believe that Sam could have worked excusively for the CIA in the field for very long before having to return to a base/stateside for mandatory recertification and training.
Anyone have some better insight on how Sam Fisher's "career" played out?
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• 4/25/2016

Unamed Colonel in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Michigan ave Reservoir.

There is this unamed Colonel that Fisher grabs and interrogates, but I can't find his link. Could someone post it please?
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• 1/23/2016

Splinter cell conviction

I've been curious to find out if third echelon is real.?
I had an idea that I would join the military to ask and find out if it is real.im 15 so it will be a long research until I can be a seal. everything about this plot sound soo real and the theme and the story.i need all the help I can get to under stand this. The place I looked up like Valletta and Malta were real and Washington DC,I wanna know the truth behind this.even Blacklist was the same.in the games I played it so many times that I had to see and hear every details victor coste had to say in conviction.a lot of people said this is fake,I don't think so.
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• 1/3/2016

wrong date

NATO aggression on Yugoslavia started in march not february.
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• 10/25/2015

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Hi Guys!!!!!
I Just Wanna Say That.If You Stay Close To The Television In Penthouse.You Will See Pandora Tomorrow's Trailer And Behind That You Hear Some Noises.This Noise Actually Is A Music!!!
Please Tell Me How To Extract The Music From The Game???Or You Can Tell Me Any Way
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• 9/7/2015


Whenever I start up SpC Connviction, the atmosphere is great and all. But where is the Chaos of SpC3?
The most I'd note is that you have ass-kicking weapons, but no actual stealth. Agrees?
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• 6/27/2015

restart game

how do you restart from the beginning once you have completed the game.
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• 6/12/2015

Possible Splinter Cell announcement at E3 2015

Every year video game developers from around the world meet at the E3 video game convention in Los Angeles to reveal their newest games. Ubisoft will hold a press conference on Monday at 2:30pm to discuss their upcoming games, which includes two Tom Clancy titles: Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division. Many fans are hoping to see another Tom Clancy game there as well, Splinter Cell. What do you guys think? Will Ubi announce another Splinter Cell game this year?
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• 7/3/2014

Stilhaus Kitchens Reviews

Thanks Stilhaus Kitchens for making me the happiest woman in Telford. I love the kitchen, thanks, Mandy Rowbottom.

Stilhaus Kitchens Reviews
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• 3/25/2014


How can I mash sadiq in ps3 im very confused
I always die when I tried to mash him
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• 3/16/2014

mirror gadget

do they have a gadget that let's you see under dore's in splinter cell black list
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• 3/12/2014

What does Majid Sadiq hate USA?!?

do he hate the USA Why questions
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• 2/4/2014

Majid sadiq

Why does he beat up sam at the end and he beats him up quite a lot before sam defeats him. If sam is a splinter cell then why did he not beat sadiq easily in hand to hand combat.
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• 11/24/2013

What kind of education did Majid Sadiq have?

Just a curious thing to discuss/consider. I had always thought Chemical Engineering (Reasons being The Engineers use VX Nerve Gas) but does anyone know or would like to add their own opinions?
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• 11/23/2013

Chinese Embassy in Sanyong

I just started playing Splinter Cell, busy with the first one of the trilogy (pc version) and I find myself stuck at the Chinese embassy in Sanyong. How do I get up on the roof to meet the CIA agent? I have disabled everyone on the ground and underground, but can't find a way up on the roof! Please help! Many thanks.
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• 11/7/2013

Opinons on how BlackList could have been different.

Over all BlackList is a good game, dont get me wrong. But i grew up playing Splinter Cell from the first all the way through i own them all and i still play them. But there are some things that i feel that BL just doesnt do well. Ill list the ones that i feel are the important ones.
Sams motivation: In Conviction you get the feeling that Sam just doesnt care about the greater good. So hes much more violent, he kills anyone between him and his goal thats not a clear civilin and doesnt think twice about it except on one certen level. But in BL your able to go non lethel, which is awsome im a Ghost player but i get the feeling that theres no story line purpose to do so other then for points.
The Balance is off: Ok so i know they brought back a lot of elements from all the previous games and its a great Balance. But i feel it could have been better, i was hoping for the option to have a launcher back. Yes i get the feeling that the Crossbow is used for that but i just dont feel its got the range thats needed and it feels clumsy game play wise trying to switch between bolts and between your side arm and rifle themselves. Also the thought of having to throw every gadget doesnt seem to fit the game its self, at least in my openion. It made since in Convection because Sam was on his own so he would have had to relie on himself to get the job done. But in BL you have a team and you have an Agency. So it doesnt really make since.
The Blasted Tri Roter: My FIRST thought when i saw this thing. Didnt they have this in Ghost Recon and didnt it work better? At least that one could be set to follow you around and provide an over head view to help you spot enemys. This thing is loud and the range sucks, its clumsy to use, and in my openion it doesnt really do the job. I would have liked to have the Spider-Bot.
on a smaller note: i miss the Balaclava not having one till that one point in the story just doesnt make since. Sam is a Splinter Cell, no ones supposed to know who he is, its been a main stay in the game for as long as i can remember, and yes i know you didnt have it in every mission in the past but it was always there when you needed it.
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